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From blushing virgin to a high skilled whore in less then 24h

What in a hell did I just read?!?!

First, I'll tell you why I picked up this book in the first place. I read review that got me thinking "How did I managed to overlook this book and why I haven't read this one yet?!" It gave me the impression that the story is going to be very dark, disturbing and very emotional. But all I got was irritation and annoyance. And that's not the feelings I'm looking for when I pick up a book.
As amazing as the review was, I decided to read first available chapter, just in case. I have been fooled before, by great reviews and thought "I won't fall for that again."

I don't think I'm gonna spoil the story by telling how the book started, since the first chapter is available for everyone.
The beginning was great. She have been brought to some place for the interview. She will become an escort in order to pay her fathers gambling dept. You ask what this have to do with her? I was asking myself the same question at the beginning. It was explained that she was harassed and threatened and she felt like she had no other choice. Like it was the question of life and death. As bizarre as the whole situation was, I got it.
Then, she undergoes this excruciatingly humiliating interview, where she is insulted, called ugly and stupid. She sits there, in the chair, looking at those men, crying, feeling humiliated and worthless.
The boss-man says to one of the guys that he have to take her under his wing. He has 6 weeks to make he into a proper whore and ready to make some money. And she is a virgin!
The guy starts spitting every insult in the book at her.
Later that day, they get to this luxurious place, where she ohs and ahs about how fancy it is. But she use to be poor, so I kind of get it. Then he calls her into his room, where he brutalizes her and tells her to f*** off (his exact words).
At that point I was looking around the room for some tissues, because I was ready to cry like a baby.
The chapter ends and I purchase the book. What a mistake that was!


- WARNING SPOILERS (but I recommend you to read it, because you are in for a treat ;-))-


She goes back to her room, balling her eyes out, hurt, both physically and emotionally, regretting the choices that she made. Feeling like she has no power over what's going to happen from now-on. But at the same time reminding herself that she is there willingly, that she has no other choice (?).

There are total of 8 women living on that flour, plus a guy that keeps an eye on them. The manager, as he calls himself (eye roll).

Let's call things what they are, shall we? It's not a high-end escort service and he is not a manager. It's a whorehouse and he's the pimp!

The things went south from there. The day after, she is informed by the "desk" that she has a dresser and doctors appointment. Limo is waiting for her outside, with her "manager" in it. Let me clarify, he is the guy that was the rudest of them all, during the interview, the day before.
There were some minor red flags before she got into the limo, but the big-ass one started waving in a front of my face when she got down on her knees in the front of him and felt so empowered (WTF????).
It's not a direct quote, but here is what she thought at that moment:

"OMG! I don't know what i'm doing, my hands are moving on their own. I've never done this before, but I'm amazing at this. Look at his face. I feel like I'm getting a little of my power back, that I lost last night. He looks so beautiful." He still looks down on her and is pissed or annoyed, it's hard to tell. This whole thing happens without a single word between them. Oh, I'm sorry, he told her to get down on her knees.

Now, tissues long forgotten, I'm looking around the room for something to trow at the wall!
They go to the dresser-guy, to the doctor, more angry stares and more insults from the "manager". But something happens, she starts liking him. She sees him as this puzzle that she feels the need to put together, she wants to figure him out.

Days go by, more humiliation, some insults here and there, little to none conversation between them, besides daily calls from him to order her to come to his room and f*** off afterwards.

Somewhere along the way she becomes BFF's with this Liz woman. They talk a lot, but we don't get in on their conversations. Apparently, author thought it would be enough with "We talked, for many long minutes, I told her everything, every little secret.". What is that?! And it happened a lot when she talks to others, too.

Anywho, the big day is getting closer. Somehow, she manages to soften him up and you see that he have developed feelings for her. You don't know exactly how that happened, because all you get is "We talked for many long minutes." *GROWL*. What is this nonsense with "many long minutes" or "extremely long seconds" anyway? She's describing time like a first-grader. The words "many, long, mere, torturous seconds/minutes, were used 51 time. I know that because the curiosity got the better of me and kindle search button "told" me. Keep in mind that the book is only 180 pages long.

The day before, before The Big Day, he takes her to a restaurant, in his uber-fancy SUV (which she goes on and on describing), which smell like "extremely expensive leather (I sh** you not, that is a direct quote)". Her thoughts distracted me. I wanted to start sniffing my own purses and shoes, just to find out the difference between leather, expensive leather and extremely expensive leather.
I think that that day was important to their relationship, because here when you start to wonder if he's going to be able to go through with it. They were in a good place at that time. I would have loved to read about their day and what they did, but all i got was "He took me to a restaurant, after he took me to the movies and after that, we took a walk (somewhere) holding hands." WHAT?! That's all I get? Tomorrow she will be screwing some stranger for money and that's all I get? Where did they go? What did they talked about? The whole day described with only few sentences. And here where things, that were in my reaching distance, may or may not, started flying around and hitting the walls of my apartment.

The Big Day is here, tum, tum turaaaaam! Me, biting my nails, waiting to see what he's going to do. And he says this:

"You and Liz are gonna go down and sit at the bar. If anyone approaches you two, you refer them to me. I talk to them first, before you take them up to your rooms." So they sit there, looking all whore-ish and stuff. Waiting. At this point I'm crushing on this guy like you have no idea, swooning my ass off (I do some more damage to the walls of my apartment, which lasts for many extremely-uber-super-duper long seconds and keep on reading).

When she takes a dude up to her room, all hope is lost that the story will redeem itself, because it's near the end.

The last 20% of the book goes on about her not wanting to do this (which is good, she finally comes to her senses, I thought).
But then, she goes to the hairdressing salon with Liz, she gets kidnapped, while she sits in the chair (bag over her head and the whole shebang) in a brought daylight, by 8 men. Where is Liz and the hairdresser when she is being dragged out of the salon? Were there any other customers in there? We will never know...
It turns out it's the man who killed her father and to whom she is paying back the debt (how she didn't know that I don't know. She was there and saw her father being killed by this man!). They threatened her, burned her with acid, just to warn her that she have to do her job properly.

10% left. The part that should have been properly told goes on like this:
They drop her off, at the Fancy Place. She regains the conciseness, her debt is paid (which was 5,6 millions b.t.w) plus, she overhears that nice 5 millions have been transferred into her account, by a mysterious donor (Hm... who might that be?).
So she is lying there, right, pumped up on morphine and some other drugs. He comes in, she asks him to make love to her, he does. Even though she is in pain and halfway into the coma, because of all the drugs, somehow she is in seven heaven. Romantic, I know. I was swooning like you have no idea.
Morning comes, he's gone.

Sh**, it's only a chapter or so left, I better wrap it up, but there is still so much to tell (wink). She takes her 5mil, rents a gigantic house in some fancy place by the beach, which is too big for one person (her words). While accusing him of abandoning her, being uncaring and unloving. Meets a neighbor, who she spills her guts to. Neighbor advices her not to be stupid and go back to her prince charming. She does. She goes to his house, meets his sister (she thought she was the woman he have moved on with, long story *eye roll*). His sister tells her a story about working in the same whorehouse... sorry, fancy escort place, getting into trouble, being blackmailed, her brother comes to the rescue and ends up working there. She apologizes for everything being her fault (but there is no connection whatsoever between two families). The "manager" tells her he cared about her from the moment he saw her (What about all the insults and humiliations?), that he will never share her with another man again. He asks her to marry him, she says "Yes. You never seem to amaze me." I do some more swooning. THE END!

Excuse me for repeating my self but: