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Lost In Light (Teacher's Pet, #1) - Kat Kingsley Short and hot story. Not deep or emotional, more like fun and easy.

The begging was very gripping, but after a while it felt like it had no relevance to the rest of the story what so ever. I was a bit confused. It gave me the impression that the story will be a little bit dark and twisted, but it wasn't. So I didn't get it why author chose to start a book that way and after let the heroine to be jumped so soon. Rachel saying "It's ok, I'm ok." just felt wrong. I had a hard time imagining a girl/woman being ok, after experiencing something like that. So, in order for me to enjoy the book I had to just ignore the begging completely and pretend it never happened. I didn't get the impression that the story was meant to be emotional, but it's fine. I just didn't get it why the need to bring THAT up at all? I think the story would have done it just fine starting a "normal" way (trying not to spoil the it :)).

The chemistry between two main characters was believable. It was fun to read about there interactions, especially at the beginning. There were all kinds of lines crossed. But does every story have to be morally right?

The rest of the book was quite alright, but it felt like the beginning belonged to a completely different story.