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The Secret of Ella and Micha - Jessica Sorensen Meet my Micha. He looks and acts like a bad boy, but he is actually a very gentle soul. Yes, he have done some serious sleeping around back in a day and yes, he does illegal street car racing. His parents did screwed up his life, but he is trying to put that behind him and clean up his act. Plus, he is very sweet and gentle with Ella, that's why I forgive him :).


Meet his baby, Chevy Chevelle. He and Ella have had some hot make out sessions in this car, on every surface of it! (Ella, you lucky bitch!).


This book reminded me a lot of Fast Furious, a lot of action, but had some tender scenes in between the races.
I never understood why Ella ran off. Was it embarrassment or humiliation because of what happened that night on the bridge 8 months ago? I hope to read more about it in the next book, which I hope will come out soon.

I loved it. Very sweet, sexy and heartbreaking story of Micha and Ella.