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Love and Fire (House of Temptation, #1) - Miranda J. Fox ***1.5 viagra-for-women-it-is-not stars.***
ARC provided by the author in exchange for my honest review

The book description got me thinking it could be a fun read, so I dove in, all exited :-).
It's a novella so I wasn't expecting something deep and meaningful.

The beginning was fun. We have two women about to go in into a swingers club looking for some spice and excitement in their lives.
Heroine's friend is a whore-extraordinair, which doesn't have to be a bad thing. It's cool to have a friend that dares more than you :). But, I didn't like that her friend offered her a pill, before they went in. She called it viagra for women.
Now, if the idea of going to swingers club doesn't get you all hot and heavy, and you need a pill to "get you in the mood", you shouldn't go there and you most definitely shouldn't be taking any pills.

They get inside. It's a swingers club, a place where all kinds of kinky f@ckery should happened. I have never been in one, nor have I read about one, I was curious to read about how things work there :-). Unfortunately, from the descriptions, I didn't feel like they were in a swingers club. Peoples clothing was described, the signs on doors were indicating it was a SC, but still, something was missing. It felt more like a museum.

The club is owned by a filthy rich, most desirable and gorgeous 24 year old guy. Does he sound like anyone you know ;-)?
James Carter was the wealthiest and most sought after bachelor in the city. As soon as he turned 21, he inherited a fortune which he started investing in strip clubs. A year later he founded a dating center specializing in bringing prostitutes and their customers together. And two years after that a House of Temptations, a combination swingers club and disco. Wow.
I was disappointed that author brought me there but didn't show me any action :-). The only things our heroine did there was go up on a stage and got sprayed with a perfume by our main male character, and then took a shower.
What was that thing him spraying perfume on her saying "play along" all about anyway? That's the best that he could come up with? It's a swingers club for crying out loud!
Then she ran off of the stage, because all of a sudden, she had a need to take a shower. It's not like she was swinging all day long and needed to wash... uhm... swingers off of her. Why don't just go home and take a shower, if you feel so dirty? You can't take a shower in a swingers club and expect not to get groped :-).
He fallows her into the showers and they do all kinds of fun groping there :-). But they don't do more than that, because she freaks out and runs off. The shower scene was alright I guess.

And then, nothing interesting happens in the rest of the book. She goes to charity event, which her firm have organized. Of course he is there. Of course he donates substantial amount of money, his extracurricular activities aside, he's not heartless prick, he cares about kids. They have a lot of awkward conversations, where she doesn't know what to say, or how to answer his questions, she is all in disbelieve that he is interested in her. Of course he dug around to find information about her. Of course she shocked. How dared he? Then he floods her work with flowers and threatens that they'll keep coming (apparently there are 3 more trucks with flowers waiting outside) if she says no to a date with him. Ugh! Christian Grey and Ana Steele all over again.

The book didn't left me wanting more. I felt like the story needed more substance, characters felt one dimensional and uninteresting.
I found some of the descriptions a little weird. For example:
James was two heads taller than she was, even without shoes.
One more thing, lack of spacing between paragraphs was very tiring. I felt like I was running out of breath while reading. It made it difficult to keep track of what was going on. Lack of spacing between dialogs didn't help the case either.
At some point she finally fell asleep. Two weeks later things were back to normal in Emma's life. Did she slept for two weeks straight?

"Why?" "Because you're injured (...)"
"Why is he leaving without you?" "I'll go later,"

It's only couple of examples, there were a lot of similar ones.

Thanks to the author for providing me with a free copy, but I'm sorry, I did not like it. The book description premisses a lot, but the story itself doesn't deliver. I felt neither love or fire while reading it.