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Cry Little Sister - Parker Ford 4 cool and kinky starts!

Very quick and easy read, with a nice pace to it.
It's one of those taboo reads (and we like 'em, don't we ;-)), about brother and sister lovin', with a very kinky brother as a hero, and somewhat whore-ish sister as a heroine :-D.
I think the gif with the two naughtiest siblings out there from The Borgias, is in order :-).
No they don't usually kiss, or do much of anything, but bark at each other. But there is nothing "usually" about this story. I would say anything but :).
It's not a heart wrenching story. I knew it's going to be a quick and fun read, so I didn't have any expectations going in. Soraya and Rosalinda, thanks for the heads up ;-).
There is no over the top drama (aside from the scenes with the nosy neighbor). The characters go at each other already in the beginning of the story, mhm :).

I liked both main characters, especially Gareth. I liked his "I'm not sorry for anything" persona :). I blame him for dragging Jojo to the dark side :-D.
I think I got Gareth's smirk pretty accurate here.
This read is most definitely not for everyone. If you have a brother or a sister it can seriously screw with your head and give you all kinds of traumatizing images, for years to come. Your shrink would make a fortune out of it :-D. Fortunately for me, I don't have a brother, so I didn't get any of those perverse images that some might get :-).

Easily written, fast paced and fun story!