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Unbeautifully - Madeline Sheehan 4 Beauty-and-the-abeast-Horsemen-style starts!


Just a little warning:


I kind of knew what I was getting myself into, before I picked up this book. I read the first and I didn't expect for the second one to be any different :-).

I loved it. Because it's different from anything out there, and I always give points for that :).

Funfact #1: There are 49 "pu$$ies" in this story. There is always someone who is needing/looking for one, being called one or being one, hating one or trying to get rid of one.

I liked Ripper's and Danielle's story. It had believable romance, love, drama and heartache. I also loved that there were some parts that were told from Prez's and Eva's point of view. In the first book I got the impression that they have sorted out their relationship (kind of). Little did I know... :-).

Funfact #2: There are 98 "I want/wanna" words in this story. There were always someone who wanted to either some of the... (word I mentioned above), wanted to f@q the $h!t out of the... (word I mentioned above), or wanted to either kill somebody or wanted to be killed.


A lot of fighting, yelling and in some situations, even killing. Hey! The Horsemen work hard and play (?) hard :-).
Someone was constantly yelling/screaming in someones face, men and women :). But only because none of them were much of a talkers and waited to say something til it got on their last nerve and blood started to boil :-).

Funfact #3: There are 148 "Yeah" words in this story. "I love you." "Babe, yeah", "You want me to '...' you babe, yeah?":-).
Come on now, Ripper, of course she does!


It might sound cruel, but I loved Prez's and Ripper's inner struggles and daemons that they were trying to get rid of. That's what (at least for me) made this story somewhat realistic and interesting.

Funfact #4: There are 1006 "f@ck" words/or words that has "f@ck" in it, in this story (I $h!t you not, that's the accurate number!)


I did enjoyed the story and I will be looking forward to the next book. The reason I'm not giving it 5 stars is because of the amount of drama it had. Some of the scenes felt a little over the top. Plus, I didn't really like the way story ended. It was a bit disappointing. The picture of Danielle I got in the first book (and at the beginning of this one) was that she was the smartest of the bunch. She was pretty good in school and was planing (and really wanted to) go to collage. She was very sad when her friends got accepted and she didn't. But at the end of the story she refused to sign up for summer classes and got pregnant! The pregnant part is fine, Ripper wanted to have a family with her, that softened his character, in a good way. My problem with is that I have hard time seeing Danielle not regretting it later in life. I even think that she will resent him for it later :). I know I would :).Why couldn't author write the epilogue where she got pregnant during the last year og collage :)? I know her father was okay with it, but will she?

So, here are few words that sums this story up:
Wanna pu$$y? F@ck yeah! :-D

All and all, a good, enjoyable and very entertaining read.