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Dark Soul Vol. 2 (Dark Soul, #2) - Aleksandr Voinov Just as good as the Dark Soul Vol. 1.

I was hoping that maybe in the Vol. 2 Voinov will put me out of my misery and finaly bring those two together :). But no, he likes to do it slow and painful. Ok, I'll wait :).

It was fun to read about Silvio playing mind games with Stefano and how big bad boss tried not to loose his sh** everytime Silvio walked in to the room :).

I wonder how their story is going to end and where will that gonna leave Stefano's wife. I do believe that he really loves her and doesn't want to hurt her.

It's frustrating that the stories are so short, but they are well written, so maybe I shouldn't be complaining. Voinov does manages to tell a decent story using only 44 pages, while a lot of writers out there can't get to the point even after 400p.