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Just for Now (Sea Breeze, #4) - Abbi Glines Tsk, tsk, tsk Abbi, wher r u pulling them bad boys from?!

I feel like a cigarette would be appropriate right now haha.

(There might be some spoilers!)

Of all the Abbi's damaged boys Preston is the worst of the bunch in my opinion. I really enjoyed hating him :). And I though that the Cage was as bad as they get. I don't want to give too much away, but the word "manwhore" got whole another meaning in this story :). He had his good moments too, but every nice thing he said was followed by something so outrageous and inappropriate that made me wanna trow my iPad at the wall. Like there was a scene where he apologized to her for being his royal douchiness and they were having such a beautiful and romantic moment, not even to seconds later he says "Those titties are actually real nice. They are real and I'm betting they're soft and feel like a f***** heaven?" Shit, why'd I say that!" We'll shit indeed Preston, why did you say that hahaha.

Ok, so putting titties and Preston's inappropriate comments aside, book had so much more than just that. I thought that Preston's mini-me and Daisy were absolutely adorable. It reminded me a little of "Pushing the limits" and a little of the series "Shameless" :).

"Preston, tell him you didn't sleep with his mother, tell him!" And the jerk just stood there, with the stupid grin on his face. Hilarious :-D.

But I went team-Preston after he said "Love was honest. It was pure. I was neither of those things. So how could I love?" :-(

At the beginning I didn't care much for Amanda. She was all over the place, crushing on a good for nothing guy. She was making all kinds of wrong decisions, you won't get more naive girl than her. But then I had to keep reminding my self that she was only 18, and how many 18 year olds know right from wrong anyway :)?

After reading few really bad books Just for Now couldn't have come out at the better time. I enjoyed it very much.