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Seduced in the Dark (The Dark Duet, #2) - C.J. Roberts
If you thought that the first book was dark and disturbing, read this one and thing again.,
September 2, 2012

The are no words to describe what I felt while I was reading this book. Well there is, but I just finished reading so I'm still a bit shaken by the whole thing.

This book (aside from the first one) was nothing like the books I have read before. I never thought I would enjoy reading about people's thoughts so much. Usually I get easely bored if it's too much and I need dialog to make the story more readable. But in this case I could not care less. CJ Roberts has some serious talent! At the beginning of the book there were pages upon pages with Livvies thoughts and I could not get enough.

There was also quite a few jaw dropping scenes, which made me cringe and made me wanna throw my kindle out of the window and forget that I even read that :).

I also thought that the way author chose to tell this story was interesting. I don't think that many others could have pulled this off. It was toled from Livvie's point of view, with the glimps to the past from the Caleb's point of view. What? And it worked! As I said, CJ Roberst has some seriously mad writing skills.

There was also a big twist at the end of the book, which I didn't see coming. Even though all signs were there, I realized that later. It made me feel like a fool, because there was a moment where I wasn't mad at Rafiq. I thought that maybe his intentions wasn't all bad, when it came to his and Caleb's relationship. I'm talking about the scene where Caleb kissed Rafiq on the lips. I thought it was heartbreaking. Little did I knew...

Anyway. The most disturbing thing of all for me was when I realized that Caleb really did thought his kitten well. From the conversation she had with Reed and Sloan I saw bits of Caleb in her. She was no longer the same girl I got to know in the first book. Shy, immature, rebellious... no more. She became fearless.

I felt like ending was a bit rushed, still well written, but rushed. In my opinion CJ Robets could have easily made a third book out of a last 5% of the story. But maybe it's just me being greedy, I wanted more :).

With all things said, solid sequel. Well written story with strong character and enough darkness in it to last you a lifetime. Can't wait for the next book by this author.