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Darkfever - Karen Marie Moning Interesting read. It started slow, but it had enough mystery to keep me reading.

Warning, there might be some spoilers!

My god, the heroine was soooo annoying, more times than not, I wanted to strangle her. She was 22 but I can't help but imagine her as a 16 year old, with a pigtails, with lollipop in her mouth, wearing pink clothes, with pink nails and toenails. Stroking her hair "oh, they are so shiny and so beautiful, and feels so silky, and I just love my 'juicy purse, and my favorite color is pink'". I sh** you not, that's what she did! I never wanted to strangle someone as much as I wanted to strangle her.
I could not understand why author would choose such a shallow and superficial character for the book. At that moment I was seriously considering putting the book down, because she annoyed me more time than not. Until...

Until she met Jericho Barron. He brought a nice balance to the story. I was glad to find out that Barron and I were on the same page when it came to certain things, he did the strangling for me (literally :)). I like the fact that I never knew where I had him. Was he a good guy or a bad guy? I'm still not sure, but it's ok. I'm hoping to find out in the nex book.

I like the fact that the book wasn't predictable. The author dropped few hints along the way, you could guess that there is more to the words that were spoken and you still couldn't put the finger on it what it was. Like every time Mac asked him a question about who he was, he would answer, but his answers just raised more question and made me more suspicious.

As the story progressed I was happy to se Mac grow out of the "I-love-pink, unicorns and rainbows" personality. I guess she realized that when the sh** hits the fan, pink toenails can only take you so far :). I actually started to like her towards the end.

My only problem was the lack of romance, I would have loved to see some. Her constantly... Uhm... Masturbating in public didn't do it for me :). I also didn't like the way she quoted her mother, it sounded a bit immature.

All and all, it was a good book and I will be reading the next one in the series.