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"How to Dictate to a Dictator and Evade an Evader."

I'm so happy I gave the first book a chance and didn't trow it away midway through. This one left me very, VERY satisfied :). I dare to say that it might be my favorite series so far. The stranges thing of all is that I didn't get the half of the answers to the questions that the first book left me with and yet, I can't seem to put the book down and I want it more. It have to be some kind of fecking woo-woo stuff that author casting on me :). It have to be! What else? I don't have any explanation for it :). After I read this book I started to believe in all kinds of stuff :).

I don't mind the first book ending with cliffhanger and leaving me with a lot of questions. That is how it's usually works, isn't it? But I take comfort in the thought that the second one will give you some answers. But this one raised even more questions!!! Who the feck is he?

And speaking of "who the feck is he?", I love him. I still don't know who or what he is, but at this point I don't really care. He could be the almighty devil him self.

"One day you may kiss a man you can't beath without, and find beath is of little consequence." Aren't you a smart ass, Mr. Barrons.

And Mac, as much as I hated her in the first book, for being all "I love pink" I couldn't help but wish she would wear a little pink this time, in sted of black :(. Who would have thunk it? The only time she got the chance to do so it ended up in... "... so much for pretty in pink and gold" :).

Loved it, absolutely loved it! Off to the next one, since "The hunt is dangerous and the stakes are enormous.", because I just have to know what happens next!