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Dreamfever - Karen Marie Moning Pink Mac goes black

It's my forth book in 3 days and I can't get enough. I feel like an addict. I think I am one. A fever addict.

As intense as the previous book was this one gave me a little brake. Or at least it felt like it at first. I should have learned by now, that the Moning doesn't do "breaks". Nothing what it seems. Sh** gonna hit the fan when you least expecting. And it did, big time.

This time we got to know better the little firecracker caller Dani, a.k.a Chopped liver :). She and Almighty Book Detector took me on some fun adventures. I was a bit surprised that Mac never snapped at her when she cussed (like she use to). I guess because the old Mac was no more.

It really pissedme off that the Barrons had such a dark sense of humor. I mean after all she have been trough, he would give her a break. It was so beneath him. But who am I kidding, this is Jericho Barrons we are talking about.

I didn't quite understand what happened there towards the end, I'm just hopping that it's not what I fear the most. It can't be? Because it would crush me. The author wouldn't do that to a reader. Would she? Didn't give a happy ending? But then again, I hear Barron's words ringing in my head "Assume nothing."

But the words I choose to cling on to are "Without hope you are nothing. You are dead." - Jericho Barrons -

Off to the next book...