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The Opportunist (Love Me With Lies, #1) - Tarryn Fisher Takes one to know one :)

I have seen this book in the suggestions to read for quite a while. I thought that cover was gorgeous, but the description of the book just didn't appealed to me. So I was keep jumping over it and buying other books. After few months I thing I read everything there was to read and finally decided to give this one a chance. And I'm so happy I did, because I absolutely loved it.
I found this story quite unique. It's not your tipical story about girl meeting a boy. The heroine gave all new meaning to the diagnoses "crazy with stalker-ish tendencies" :-). And I still found her funny and at times cute. She have to be one of my favorites and, I dare to say, most interesting heroines of the books I read this year.
There was a little twist/surprise, in the book, which I totally didn't se it coming. I felt that supporting characters added just right amount of drama to the story.
I was surprised that that the story ended a bit differently that your typical romance novel would have. And I liked it. Even though I was a bit sad.
All and all, brilliantly written with well developed characters. I enjoyed it a lot and can't wait for the sequel.