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Seducing Cinderella (Fighting for Love, #1) - Gina L. Maxwell I would love me some Reid :)

I have to say I was thoroughly entertained. Even though the story was somewhat predictable, fun dialogues and well written characters more than made up for it. I felt like everything was right on point. No unnecessary descriptions of people and surroundings. With just 155 pages it would have been total waste of space.
There were quite a few scenes where my jaw dropped. Reid really knew how to seduce a woman :).

WARNING SPOILERS! (and not for the readers under 18!!!)

Here is one of the scenes were my jaw dropped to the floor and my tongue rolled down the carpet:

"Because when I make you come for the first time I don't want you holding back. I want to hear every hitch of your breath."
He placed a kiss at her temple. "Every moan." Another kiss on her cheek. "And I won't be satisfied until you scream my name"

And then bastard walked out of the room!!!!!
Anyway, where was I? The reason I gave it a 4 stars is because I didn't care much for Lucie. She was a bit too weak for my taste. I would have loved for her to have stronger backbone. I mean she was 29 after all. I get that everyone can have insecurities no matter what age you are, especially when it comes to men, but she came across as way to shy and so unsure of her self. There was a moment in the book where she was feeling uncomfortable and insecure around her own friends. I really didn't understood why. She had a job where she had interactions with people on a daily basis, and from what I understood she was quite good at it. That was a bit confusing. But then again, Reid thrived on making her blush and making her uncomfortable. He thought it was beyond cute :). I just think that if she would have been younger it would have made more sense.
I also thought that the ending was a little bit of a cliche.
But all and all, loved the story, easy to read, entertaining and steamy as hell.