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Truth - Aleatha Romig I was hoping to like the second book better than the first, but I didn't. This book, same as the first, had a lot of good moments, but Claire made it hard for me to enjoy this it. I didn't care much for her character in the first book and in this one, I just couldn't stand her.
I absolutely loved the ending of the first book and I was sure that Claire have learned her lesson. I was kind of exited to read this one, to see what she gonna do with all that information she got.

The reason I read this book was the ending of a first one. Which was of brilliant. The author has this ability to keep you in the dark til the very end and then, you find out the truth and it makes you go "oh, that's why he said that" and "that's why she did that". It hits you like a brick and you feel thoroughly mindf***ed. I like that :).

I had a feeling that the ending of this book will be as good as in the first book, and it was. But the journey to get to the end was painful and not enjoyable.

- Warning, there might be some spoilers -

She got out of prison with this attitude "I'm the sh**, and I'm gonna make him pay" and I thought "Now we're talking". But she was still making one stupid decision after another. At the beginning of the book she met some people and spilled her guts right away, because she "had a feeling" she could trust them. While the only person who truly cared about her, her sister, was kept in the dark. Not only that, Claire was annoyed everytime she spoke to Emily, because she didn't approved of Tony a.k.a kidnapper/rapist.
You say it's a Stockholm Syndrome? I say BS. In the first book, maybe, but in this one, no way. I have read some books where heroine was suffering from SS and that's not it. You would think that the things that happened at the end of the first book would have cured her from it. She spends 14 months in prison, where she sees psychiatrist 3 times a week, gets out of the prison still swooning over Tony!!! SS is not an incurable disease, that good for nothing psychiatrist should have been fired on a spot.

There were moments where I thought that she was growing some balls, but everytime she met Tony, every logical thought she had went up in smokes. I never understood his facination with her.

Another thing that annoyed me was over described scenery and the fact that it was very repetitive.

"Phil saw her iPhone, a plate with part of a sandwich, and a tall glass with amber liquid. The lemon upon the rim and the small bowl of a various colored sweetener packets indicated the glass contained iced tea. Her sunglasses were on top of her head as she read from the iPad."

Aren't you a Sherlock F***ing Holmes Phil. And what does that add to the story? That is just one example.

Constant mentioning of the iPhone and the iPad was beyond annoying. I started to hate my own. According to my kindle, words iPhone and iPad were mentioned 58 times! She had two cellphones "the iPhone and the other one". What, the iPhone is not a cellphone anymore?

Everytime someone looked someone in the eyes, it had to be either emerald (mentioned 34 times), green (14 times) or blue (38 times). Which adds up to a total mentioning of an eye color to 86. Why couldn't he/she just simply look in to her/his eyes, without them always being emerald, green or blue?

Claire's stupidity hit all time high when she wondered "What time was it in Europe?". The irony of it all, she obtained a Bachelor's Degree in meteorology and worked as a meteorologist assistant." You would think she would know more about geography and diferent time zones.

All though the ending was great, I did not enjoy the book as much as I was hoping to. It took me for ever to finish and at this point I don't think I will be reading the third one.