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Fallen Too Far (Too Far, #1) - Abbi Glines Loved it!
I'm not sure when it happened, but at some point I just stopped reading reviews and even book descriptions, before getting Abbi Gline's books. I just know that she always have what I need and she never disappoints. That was the case with this book, too.

Another badboy with brain-to-mouth-filter-malfunction, another girl who has been trough hell and back. Two broken soles trying to find some sense in this screwed up world, and if their are lucky, to find some peace, and if they very very lucky, to find love.

Abbi's books often starts with fun and flirting. You meet a girl, that I usually hate, for being so naive and stupid, driven by the hormones ( although, Abbi's badboys always have some serious game going on, so I don't blame them) and the bad boy, who treats a girl like sh**, because he doesn't know any better. Then, sh** hits the fan and the weals starts turning. The girls still wants to be good, but the pull is to powerful, the badboys still wants to be bad, but it's not working anymore, because she is not like all others before her, she means more. I love it!

My relationship with Abbi's books is like I imagine junkie's relationship is with drugs. When the stuff wears off you need a new fix. You know the number who to call and who to talk to. No matter the cost, you need to have it, because you know the stuff is good :). And Abbi Gline's stuff is always good :).

Cute, sexy/hot, romantic, frustrating, sometimes a little sad and hearbreaking. That's what I expected from this book and that's what I got. This book had just a right amount of everything, to satisfy my needs as a reader.

Keep up the good work Abbi, can't wait for the next one.