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Into the Darkest Corner - Elizabeth Haynes Holy freaking bubble wrappers!

Wow, just wow. I stayed up late last night reading this book, had a nightmare (as I thought I would, I think I even heard my self screaming or crying, right before I woke up. I'm not sure) and resumed reading it before I ate my breakfast.

I felt like I was developing OCD while I was reading it. I kid you not, I checked twice if my door was locked and made sure my bathroom window was closed, before I went to sleep last night.

What a story. It sounded so realistic, it reminded me of an episode of Dr. Phil, that I saw few years back, with a woman telling a similar story :-S.
It felt like it was written from two diferent persons p.o.v. The one before, that was young as silly, doing stupid stuff, going out with friends and having fun. Nothing special, just average girl, living her life, working and having fun with her friends, meating a guy... And the one after, paranoid and scared out of her mind, seeing his face in every person that passed by her.

In the beginning of the book you know that something happened, something that made her completely different person, but you don't know how exactely and why. As the story progressed, I started doubting if the things she was saying was true. Could it be that everything was just in her head? I know she told that it happened, but how come her friends had a different explanation, that sounded more logical than hers?
I was going back and forward. One moment I believed her side of the story, and the next, I thought she was a total mental case, counting every single step up to her flat and checking things six times. I felt sorry for the Stuart.

- Warning, there might be some spoilers -

There was a point in the book, where it reminded me a little of the Consequences. And I thought that if I ever had to choose who to be raped by, Lee or Tony, it would have to be Tony from the Consequences and I would thank my lucky stars that he was even an option to choose from, one of the two evils. That's how evil I think Lee was.

- End of spoilers -

The ending was brilliant. I couldn't quite figure it out if it was a cliffhanger and there will be a sequel coming up or if it was just authors last attempt to screw with my mind. The ending left me wondering "What's next?". I realize that everything that needed to be told, was told. But the way the book ended still left me feeling like I read just half of the story...

Amazing! It was better than I expected.