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The Ivy Lessons (Devoted, #1) - J. Lerman,  S.K.Quinn It was interesting read, but it wasn't what I expected. I expected a little more than I got. The first few chapters reminded me a little of Gabriel's Inferno. I thought that the book is going to be about the teacher seducing his student, but it was the other way around. And she had absolutely no game and no plan, just "he frightens me, but I want him and i dont know what to do about it." I was expecting him to struggle a little bit more, expected him to be more conflicted, because there was a lot at stake.

The transitions between the scenes should have been smoother. When they went from calling each Mr and Miss to the first name basis, it felt rushed. I felt like there were some things that could have been said and done, before crossing that line.

They had a deal that they will keep it hush hush, but both he and her were confessing about it to other people. She wasn't being very subtle about it at all. I understand her wanting to tell about it to her friend, to get it off of her chest. But to confess about it to her teacher, his colleague? And to top it all of, teacher, instead of telling her to knock it off, was telling her what a great guy he was.

With that being said, I liked him. Even though his morals were a bit shaky, his background explained a lot. I didn't blamed him for not knowing right from wrong. And the things he was into were a little weird, but who am I to judge. It's not my thing, but what ever makes you happy Mr Blackwell :). At least I can give a credit for being different.

The ending was also a bit rushed, things happened way to fast towards the end, in my opinion. The story was interesting, but it didn't leave me wanting more. Interesting concept, but execution could have been better.