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Edge of Oblivion - J.T. Geissinger Beautifully written fairy tail that left me breathless

As much as i loved the first book, i loved this one even more. Which is first for me. I hardly ever like the second book more than the first.
I have to admit, that after reading the first book, I had high expectations for the sequel. Not nessecaraly looking for something different. More like wanting for it to be at least as good as the first one. Because I thought that the writing style was qiute unique. One of the reasons I loved the first book was the brilliant writing, that had poetic sound and nice flow to it.
I usually don't have hight expectations for the sequels, I only want to get some answers that the first book didn't have. First book is always more exiting than the second one. Usually, the mystery surrounding the main characters is gone and you left wondering what author is going to do to keep us interested this time ( if you found the first book interesting enought to consider reading the next one). I have. So it was not brainer, I pre-ordered the second book the minut it was available.
I will try not to give to much away, even though I could talk about this book for ever :).

So here is some of the things which made me love this book even more than the first one.
I'm not even gonna commen on the writing, it was superb.
I like the fact that some of the parts in the beginning was toled from Leander's and Jenna's point of views. I have missed them and it was nice to see that they were still going strong.
This time story revolved around Xander and Morgan. Gentle giant ( or as Morgan called him beautiful assassin :) ) and rebellious girl. Perfect combination of hard and soft, cold and warm. The thing that I liked in both books is that none of the heroines had a victim roles. Even though Morgan found her self in a situation that you wouldn't have wished on your enemy, she never played a victim role and always held her head hight. I do enjoy books that have strong and confident alpha males, but rarely enjoy and easely get bored by the weak heroines. Which Morgan it's not. She was not afraid to challenge Xander and stand her ground when she needed to. This little thing of "back and forward" between them, made the book hard to put it down.

This time we got to travel to Rome, where all hell broke loose and the story took unexpected turn. There, we got to know better some of the Xander's friend from way back when, who gave us a little insight and revealed some of his secrets from the past. And then, things got more serious.

There was also this little thing happening called Fever. If it was any other book, written by any other author, I would have described it as steamy, hot or sexy, but in this case it would be an understatement and wouldn't do the justice. Heartbreaking self torture and painful self control would be more accurate. I can't even begin to explane how I felt while I was reading about it.
I also like the fact that even though they were caught up in the moment, they were painfully aware of the fact that when tomorrow comes they will have to deal with the consequences. The odds weren't in their favor. There is the law that you have to follow and there is no way around it. I'm gonna stop it at that :).

I know that there is only 5 star option, but since it is my review, I'm giving all the stars there is :-).

I also want to address one other thing. After I read the first book, I saw that some of the readers were complaining about the fact that ikati have proclaimed them selfs as the most beautiful creatures there is. Which made them look self absorbed and cocky. What I want to say is that the word "beautiful" was never used alone (if you really paid attention). It was used with other words such as "brave", "fearless", "smart", "strong" and so on. They (ikati) never said that humans were uglier than ikati, only their way of life was ugly. They based that only on their experience with humans. The word "beautiful" was rarely used in context describing superficial things or fisical beauty. More like describing inner beauty and the qualities that the other person possesses, which makes him/her attractive.
So, with all things being said, zing-zing-zing-amazing second installment. Breathtaking, hearbraking and beautifully written story.

Edited on 2013.01.03