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- Well hell fire save matches, f*** a duck and see what hatches.
The duck hatched a gigantic mindf***.

- Spoiler free -

Short recap:
We have a woman in her forties who has a rare case of amnesia. Everytime she goes to sleep it wipes he memory clean. In the morning, when she wakes up, she doesn't remember who she, where she is, how old she is or who the person that is sleeping next to her is. Panic sets in. Then the husband have to explain to her (everyday, over and over again) who and where she is. That she had a bad accident which cost her amnesia, that it happened 20 years ago, he is her husband, they had a son, who was killed in Afghanistan when he was 19. And everyday she goes through the same emotions. First panic, then grieve, confusion and hopelessness.

As I started reading, I found the beginning quite boring. It was the same thing over and over again. Some good old doctor appears out of nowhere, telling her that they have been meeting for quite a while now and that he wants to help. He suggests to her to write a journal. The most of the story is told by her journal. At the beginning it's pretty much the same thing everyday, she wakes up, panics, then her husband goes through the same ritual explaining to her everything til she comes down. It goes on about 20% of the story. She does remember some things, or maybe it's just the pigment of her imagination. She is doubting her self. Is it memory? Or is it just something that her desperate mind making up, trying to find some answers? Which also makes a reader to doubt it, too.

When she started to remember (?) more things, it raised my suspicions about who is telling the truth and who is lying. By the time I reached 40% everyone looked suspicious and full of sh**. She remembered some things that made her suspicious of the good old doctor. She confronted him. He was lying. He said he wasn't, he just wasn't telling her the whole truth, because it wasn't his place to tell. His side of the story sounded very convinsing and it made me think that her husband was lying. But why? Then, she confronted him, he wasn't happy about it. Surprised, shocked but he too had an explanation. Not only that, he had some documents and pictures to back his side of the story up. Although he was lying I kind of understood why he did it. I think I would have done it the same thing in his shoes. Two different people telling two very convincing, but very different stories. It left me totally confused.

To add it to it all, some long lost friends reappears out of nowhere, saying she is beyond happy to finaly hear from Christine. Hm...

And here where things started to get very confusing. You know one or more of them are lying, but who? Which one of them? Why, what's their agenda?

Then, Christine remembers even more thing that makes all of them look suspicious. And then, I made a conclusion that it's always the husband. I mean it have to be, right? In most cases, it's always the husband.

Reading this book was like trying to crack the da Vinci code. It was impossible to guess who did it and what their motives were. Halfway through it was impossible to put it down. More memories resurfaced, which helped to dismiss some of the suspects. About 70% in it I felt like I had all the answers. There where still some insignificant questions unanswered, but I thought it was ok. It wasn't that important. But then I thought "I still have 30% to go. What now?"

Then, the whole hell broke loose and I realized that I didn't know even half of the story. I never saw it coming. The ending was brutal and a bit sad, but brilliant.

It was a total page turner. Disturbing but amazing story. I can't wait to read the next book from this author.