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Consequences - Aleatha Romig Ok, so this was my second attempt to finish this book. And I finally did it. First time I read it it was few months back and I could not finish. I thought that Claire's constant yapping about her gorgeous surroundings, beautiful scenery, impressive artwork, her Gucci and Armani handbags and dresses was beyond rediculous. It went on and on and on. 20 pages turned in to 40 and 40 in to a 100 and 100 in 300 and she was still going on about his expensive cars and his extravagant apartments. She was being raped and abused in every way there is and that's what she chose to think about in between rapes? Come on!

But I managed to finish this time and I'm glad I did. The ending was brilliant. But I still can't forgive the fact that author put me through 400 pages of torture, of Claire's ooh's and aah's. I'm giving 3 stars for the ending alone. I realize that in order for the ending to makes sense you have to read the beginning and the middle, but still...

And here is the thing, I absolutely love Tony! Not because I thought he was a nice and caring guy, he was the apposite. Claire's cluelessness, stupidity and fascination with stupid superficial thing made me like him. It also made easier for Tony to carry on with his plans. I think she got what she deserved. Since this book is work of fiction and not someone's memoir , I don't feel bad about liking him :).

I also dislike the fact that she barely fought him (trew the chair once and screamed at him once) throughout the whole book. Apparently, shiny thing did the trick and put an end to her tantrums. I don't need a happy ending to enjoy the book, but I like when my heroine puts a fight, or at least tries to. This one did not, or at least not enought for me to like her.

This time I will swallow my words and won't accuse author of being "writer-wanna-be". I did manage to finish and it made more sense this time. The story did came full circle and the ending was quite amazing. I hope Claire learned her lesson :). Off to read the sequel.