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Learning to Drown - Sommer Marsden Interesting read.
So, we have Ember, who is in a relationship with this dude who can't satisfy her. Not as in "can't satisfy", but he can't seem to get it right this fantasy that she has, which I thought was a bit bizarre. She wants to be kidnaped and she wants it to be real. Not "I play the victim and you play the kidnapper.", but at the same time she doesn't want to be a kidnaped for real, by some phycho maniac (What? What do you want?). One day, their game goes wrong and she gets kidnaped, by accident. Their car gets stolen, with her in it :). That is how she meets Lucas. Now, she have to tell him this embarrassing story about how she ended up cuffed and half naked in a back of the car :-).

And that's when the fun begins :-). They get to know each other, sparks fly and she finds out that she didn't need any stupid fantasies to be happy, she just needed some good old fashion manhandleing, that's all :-). And boy did Lucas gave it to her some :). Their games were fun.
One day they go shopping and he asks her to try some clothes on IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FREAKING STORE! He says "No buts. Come on, we're burning daylight. Peel that fucker off and try these on.". Dear god !

Then, she meets Lucas's brother, who constantly gets her into trouble. You see, brothers use to share women before and this time Lucas says no, which pisses his brother off. Why Ember ends up paying for the consequences of his brother's stupid doings, I don't know, but good for her :). There was a scene where he tries to explain to his brother why he won't be sharing this particular woman with him and chooses very funny way to proves point. "Since you say she is nothing special then you wouldn't mind if I..." OMG! Lets say that after that, his brother stopped nagging him :-D.

One day, things turn for the worst when she gets kidnaped for real and realizes that she never ever wanted that. Things get really creepy and scary and it's not as fun as she thought it would be...

I liked the book, I just don't understand why the need to choos such a sleazy book cover :-S. other then that, it was interesting story.