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Feral Sins - Suzanne  Wright Sarcastic bitches and horny wolfs.

I completele misunderstood this book.
How I managed to overlook the last sentence in the book description, I don't know. But if I had paid more attention reading reviews maybe I would have approached this book a little differently :).

I love tough heroines and Taryn is one for sure. I also love me some good dose of sarcasm, but my god, this chick never shuts up! I loved her at the beginning. I thought she was absolutely hilarious, but halfway through I was wishing that she would tone it down a little or put a sock in it.
I understood why she was mean to the old broad, but why Trey? Yes, he was uber-domineering alpha male, but they had some tender moments and she was still going at him. She called him every name in the book, both in bed and out of it.

Forget about trying to connect to any of the characters. They live in a world sooo far from ours, if you try you will either start going grey or start loosing your hair :-D. It was little realistic, but believable (if it makes any sense).

I thought that the whole thing about looking for true mate was very interesting and quite unique. When they find one, they mate for life. There are no divorces and no break ups. When you meet the one, you feel it with your whole body. It's not "I think" or "I hope she/he is the one.". More like there is something fiscally clicks in them and they just know. It's done. There are no maybe. They could also sense each others emotions. The only way out of it is death and the one that is left behind, gets this extreme case of heartache/grief and goes rogue. It either dies of grief or have to be killed. It's quite interesting.

They were very aggressive and intense creatures. Their wolfs were constantly growling, whether they were happy or angry :-D. When they went to a battle, it was brutal, when they were mating, it was even worse :-D.

First, she was like:

And then:

And he was like:

There was no making love. It was more like shove the other against the wall so hard that it cracks. "Bite me!" not as in gently nibble at my ear, but "sink your f-ing teeth into me til i feel your gums on my skin. Pull my hair til my skin detaches itself from my skull. I'll choke you if you come and I'll choke you if you don't, and then, I'll choke you some more just for good measure. Sweet baby Jesus!
And whats with all the licking? Trey was constantly drooling on her neck, licking (as in saliva all over her neck) his bite mark.
I get it, you claimed her, she is yours, everybody knows that. Let's move on, shall we?

Then, I got to the par were Trey says "So, here is what's going to happen now, babe...". I was like WHA....T?!
He was growling through all 300 pages at anyone who as much as looked at her sideways and now he goes and does THAT. I thought "Something is not right here.". I went back and read the book description one more time. And what do you know, author did warned that there is some of THAT in the book :-D.

All and all, it was a fun and interesting read :-).