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The Siren - Tiffany Reisz The Consolation Prize.

Just a little warning: if you are openminded enough to consider reading this book, this story demands you to open your mind just a little bit wider ;). Forget everything you knew about the dark erotica and brace yourself :).

Holy f-ing hell! The only words that I could describe this book with are, dark, shocking, provocative, outrageous, emotional, consuming and brilliant.

I don't even know where to begin...
The characters - well written and you can see clearly their development as the story progresses, accept for one of them, he was evil with a mask of a Good Samaritan. He didn't need any development, he just needed to be written about :). What shocked me was the fact that I actually liked him towards the end. Does that make me a freak? Oh well... :).

As you read the story you find out more about who they r and what secrets they keep. It was a total roller coaster, one moment I liked them and the next I though all of them were batsh**-crazy. For me, the most shocking scene was were we finally got to meet Him. Up until that point he was talked and written about and me, same as the other characters in this story,, was terified, for good reason. But nothing prepared me for the first meeting with him. Not only my jaw dropped, I actually got chills. When Zachary saw him at the top of the stairs and said "he is a *****?" I went WTF!!!??? And then I though brilliant, absolutely brilliant. I already had a picture of him being this scary ass masochist, but I wasn't prepared for THAT. At that moment I had to put my iPad down and take a few moments to get my self together. And then he gives her this bizarre anniversary gift. Him? Of all the people? He is one twisted freak :). Evil genius!

There were all kinds of wrongs, no-no's and lines crossed in this story, and yet, the authors ability to explain their actions made me kind of like them. It still scared the hell out of me, but at least I understood where they were comming from. As wrong as it was, it made it right (if it makes any sense).

The ending? Shocking! But after 400 pages of "that"I wouldn't expect anything else. Happy? It depends on how you look at it ;).