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Captive in the Dark - C.J. Roberts Not for the weak hearted.

I found this story quite unique. I thought it was interesting that the author wrote the story from "I" and "He" point of view. And because of that, at least for me, Caleb came across colder and more distant. And it suited his character. Because very often u read books from either "I" and "I" or "she" and "he" point of views.
I was shocked at how dark his character came across. It's like getting in to the head of a serial killer or something. His thoughts was really disturbing. There was no feeling of guilt or remorse on his part. At least not at the beginning. I think that author did a good job at giving us a glimpse of his past, which explained his actions (not justified). You would think that since he have gone trough similar thing, he would have know better. But then again, if u know better u do better. And in this case he didn't.


I think that the story was very dark and disturbing, but very well written. I can't say that I enjoyed it, because (if I may quote Livvie) u have to be some really twisted f&@ to get off on something like that.
I think that both characters were very well written and easy to understand. I was really pulling for Livvie and hoping that she will find a way to get out of that horrible situation. She got a chance ones, but to the very last moment, before she got out of the house, I didn't knew if she had enough courage to go trough with it, because by then, she was so broken and beaten down. And what do you know, she did. But to my surprise, she got her self in a situation "from bad to worse". I didn't think that that was even possible. I mean what can be worse then being kidnapped to be sold as a slave?
I think that it was smart move on authors part to keep us in suspense all the way through the book. I also felt that she did really good job at it. But the thing that I expected the least was that there was no happy ending at the end.
After I read the story I understood that it's not the end and I can't wait for the second book. Which I hope, will gonna be released some time soon.