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Dirty Red (Love Me With Lies, #2) - Tarryn Fisher 3.5 stars.

And the Monster Mommy of The Year award goes too... Roll the drums....

I was very skeptical when I picked up this book. I absolutely loved the first one and Caleb and Olivia. When I found out that the next book will be written from Her Royal Bitchiness p.o.v I didn't know what to think. I was wondering why would author choose such a bitch as main character. I doubt it that she had any sympathizers in the first book. So, now I've read it and I have to say it was a bold move on authors part. I'll give her credit for that. I'm glad she didn't try to make me like Red. Or, if she did, she failed miserably :-).

I liked the book, it was interesting and different, and different is a good thing. I started to read a book with "I don't like you" attitude towards Red, but I was intrigued and curious. I had this urge to slap her, everytime she opened her mouth. My God, poor kid and poor Caleb, for being so stupid and wanting to do the right thing.

Some time, after I passed 30%, I decided that I'm not going to like Red, no matter what author decides to reveal about her past. And I didn't.
I started to lose interest after too many glimpse into the past with her and Caleb. It took half of the books space. We read all about it in the first book, there wasn't that many questions left. I liked her in the first book, as an evil witch, who was out to get Olivia, but I really didn't care where she came from and if her mommy and daddy loved her or not.

After a while it felt like I was reading The Opportunist, just from Red's point of view. We already established that she was a bitch, in the first book. I really didn't care much to read how she felt during court procedures, at work or on a dates with Caleb, because as I recall, Olivia could read her like an open book and she was spot on. I didn't learn anything new, because she was still being a bitch. So why tell the same story twice?

It also left me wondering, who was the second main character. Caleb was absent most of the book. I was getting tired of her monologues and "poor me, it's not my fault" attitude.

Nothing got resolved in this book. The book description gives you this idea that Leah has this evil master plan and will rais hell to keep Caleb, but nothing happens. The book ends with a few sentence almost identical to book description, that she gonna do everything in her power to blah, bla, blah.
I think if I would have skipped this book and went straight to the third one, I wouldn't have missed much.

- Warning spoilers -

In the beginning of the book we learn that she has a baby. You know right away that not even a baby gonna keep them together, because it's Leah who is with Caleb and not Olivia. It also raised a question about baby being Caleb's. There wasn't any shockers, unlike in the first book. Everything that happened, I had a feeling that it will and it did.