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First, I want to explain my two stars, because I feel like I'm being way too generous. I'm giving 2 stars only because the beginning was good and the cover is nice. At the same time, the cover is very misleading and way to vanilla for this type of story.
I thought the story is going to be about tortured hero. It kind of was, but I didn't expected for the story to take a turn to the crazy-town. I was keep hoping that Nathan will snap out of it, but he never did. It got worse with every page.

Without further ado, here are some of the things that pissed me off, because I could not understand what author was trying to accomplish by creating such characters:

"Nathan Rafferty really was a thug from the wrong side of town. A man who'd rather beat her than love her. Maybe then, he could get her out of his head and get his life back on track."

He said this after he broke in into her house. She found him sitting in the dark.
"There is something about surprising someone." He stretched out his legs and crossed his ankles. "I can almost smell the fear" he inhaled "and feel your heart hammering inside your chest from clear across the room."
His head lowered and he spoke into her ear. "Try to play me, doll," he whispered. "You want to know the real Nathan, I'll show you. You want to speed things up and take what I need instead of pussy footing around with what I was giving to you. I'll give it all to you."

And I know that that can sound hot, but it wasn't, because at that point she was scared out of her mind.
"I will die trying to get inside your head. You can't run from me. What you think, feel, fear, is now mine. I will know every secret you've buried and every worry you've fed and nurtured by yourself. You think I'm scary now, just know that I can make you or break you."
Then he was going to beat her to forget what seeing her here did to him.
"If I ever catch you talking, walking, looking at the people on the street, I will beat you until you're too sore to walk out the door."
His euphoria came from watching someone plead. He lived off delivering pain.

I get it, there are some people that get off on that. I don't know much about it, but as long as it's consensual, who cares and who am I to judge anyway. The scary part about it was that he wasn't kidding about it. He wasn't talking about inflicting some mild pain, he was talking about seeing a woman in agony and completely broken both emotionally and physically.

Heroine - I dont know what she is about. She owns a company called Carpool Dolls. For the life of me I could not understand what she did for a living. It's not an escort service, even though it sounded like it at first. They help men to get from point A to point B (???). I didn't get it.

You get the impression that she is with him willingly, but then again, she cries a lot, most of the time is confused and scared.

If she would stayed in his house. If she followed his commands. If she allowed herself to love him, she'd lose herself in the process, and she feared if she let him have everything from her, she'd never survive.

I'm not even sure what that means. But it doesn't sound right.

It felt like the whole book was translated from some foreign language using a google translate. Writing wasn't good, at all. It must be bad when someone like me notice it, because I'm not an expert on a subject matter.

Weird, infuriating and confusing story.