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Rule (Marked Men, #1) - Jay Crownover Amazing story, but it needs to be republished.

I enjoyed it a lot. I absolutely loved all the characters. It was sweet, a little (sometimes a lot) sad, sexy/hot and very cool.

I loved Rule from the first page. He is a badboy through and through. He not only looks the part (tattoos and piercing in all the wrong places ;-)) but acts the part, too.
Book starts with him trying to get rid of one night stand in the morning :-D. At the beginning of the story he is a total dick, but it's very hard not to like him. He is not one of those badboys who play games to get laid. He is always honest, to the point that it makes you go 'Outch', but he is not stupid and pretty rational.

Any chick that was willing to come home with a stranger for a night of unattached sex didn't get the right to cast judgement around, especially while they were still naked and rumpled in bed.
I hated guys that called girls baby. Baby was what you used when didn't remember girls name or you were too lazy to come up with your own nickname for her.
I had kissed hundrets of girls and there was always something nice about it, but Shaw kicked nice to the curb and went right into come inducing.

Yes, he does have some serious issues. It kind of explains why he acts the way he does sometimes, but he's not an asshole. Well, not entirely :). I found his freak-outs kind of cute :).

Shaw was something else. This girl doesn't whine, complain or cry, if something doesn't go her way. Unlike a lot of heroines that I have read about.
She is pretty though.

I sabotaged relationships, turned down guy after guy simply because I didn't want a good guy, I wanted the one that was damaged and blind to the way I felt.
She was all ice cool hair, perfect pale skin, tiny little waist and high, touch me, pleas God touch me breasts. She had a body to make men stupid and he wasn't immune.

They have known each other since they were kids, she was very close with his brother and still is with his family. She has enough of her own family drama going on. From the outside they might look like total apposite, but they are not.
She have loved him since forever. She had her own reasons to keep her feelings secret. She sees him day after day with a different one-night-stand, being badboy and all :). But I didn't blame her for loving him, because he had a very sweet side to him.

So, one night, after celebrating her birthday and one too many shoots, stuff happens :).


Then they go from "she is so annoying" and "he is so full of himself" to "hmm... I never thought about her in that way" and "hmm... Maybe he is not that bad after all" :-). They start seeing each other in a completely different light.
And so they embark on a journey of self-discovery. It's sweet, emotional, romantic, hot, sometimes a little frustrating, but oh-so fun :).

My only problem with the book was the grammar and typos. My god it was a lot of them. There were a lot of missing or misplaced words. Sometimes it was very frustrating, because I had to guess what word was missing from the sentence. Other times i had to read the sentence couple of times and put the it together myself, because the words were misplaced. The strange thing about it was that the writing was actually pretty good. I wonder if something went wrong while publishing the kindle version or... I don't know. It didn't feel like it was written by someone who is completely illiterate, but it desperately needs to be republished.