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Fallen Angel - Dark Scribe I refuse to believe that this story is based on real events. I mean, no one can be that wacko, right?

Let us start with our heroine, a.k.a Lady Angel (red flag right here).
There is absolutely nothing likable about her character what so ever!
You know when we women sometimes say that some men think with their dicks? Well, this Baby Angel thinks with her vagagay :-). Before you go howling wolf on me let me tell you that I'm all for equality and women's right to think with those parts, too :-D. My problem with this specific "lady" is that she has completely lost her freaking mind.
She finds some kinky dude online and invites him to her home. She never met him before and he was bossing her around way before he knocked on her door. If it was a fictional story I could have overlooked the fact, but what pissed me off was the fact that she had a child and she invited a complete stranger to her home, where she lives with her kid. It doesn't matter that he wasn't there when he came. She knew ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about him, aside from the fact that he promised her to scratch her itchy parts. And, she had to be cuffed, blindfolded and almost naked before he opened the door. Are you f@cking kidding me?!?! And I suppose to find that erotic? NO!

Not only that, the dude is completely out of his freaking mind. She thinks he is the one, but later finds out that there are two slaves living in his house. She gets pissy, jealous, angry and a lot of other things.
He calls himself The Dark One. Everyone else calls him My Lord to his face and The Dark One when he is not present. He is approaching his 50's. Is there a bucket nearby? I think I'm about to puke.

And it gets "better". He goes around raping her friends in front of her and she is jealous that it isn't her. When I say rape I don't mean a role play or games when woman say no, but means yes.
And forget about the fact that those women will be traumatized for life and one of them is her friend. Don't you wish you could have a friend like her?

Just because he keeps coming back to her, she thinks that he is the sh!t.

So here is my impression of him. Not a bad boy (too old for that), not an alpha male (not possessive or territorial). Simply a man that is out of his f@cking mind. He treats her like a creature who is at the bottom of the food chain.

- First layer is us, you, me and others, normal kinksters. The definition is pretty broad :-).
- Next, there is whores, sluts and skanks.
- Then, there is Madagascar hissing cockroaches (just to make it more dramatic :)).
- The forth layer is a pile of brown stinking crap, with flies buzzing around.
- And then, there is his Lady Angel.

Isn't he someone to swoon and drool over, ladies?
What a wonderful role model for her son.

I don't regret reading this book, because I wanted to see what it was about, but I won't be reading the next in the series (my God, there will be more), or anything else from this author for that matter.