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Losing It - Cora Carmack I can't believe I finally finished this book. It took me two months. And now I don't know why I even bothered to finish at all.
I'm not sure why I'm giving it two stars. I guess it wasn't horrible, but it wasn't even close to being somewhat okay.
The reason I picked up this book in a first place was the cover. When I look at it I see a lot of different emotions. Maybe love, lust, frustration, longing, a little sadness. I felt like it was telling a story and I wanted to know more about it. But what I imagined was not what I got.


- Heroine. Imature, annoying and just crazy. She is 22 and sick of being a virgin. After a conversation with her best friends she sluttys herself up and hits the bar to find random prince charming to put her out of her misery. Ends up taking a random guy home. There is a lot of groping, making out and skin. she freaks out, makes up a story about her cat (that she doesn't have) and runs out. Of course he turns out to be her teacher (very original).
And of course it's not right and awkward and frustrating and a lot of other things. Then, there is another story happening. Auditions, who gets what part and her being brilliant at everything she does. I found it totally boring. Then, there is some drama between her and her best friend, who has feeling for her. After a fight with him she gets all pissy. He wants to be with her and she wants to be friends. He's in love with her and that's why he can't be around her. I get it. But somehow she manages to make it all about her. She is angry that he ruined their friendship and how dare he, poor her. Now she is sad and feeling sorry for herself. There is a lot of me me me. What a bitch!
Then, she goes on this wild drinking and making out spree. That game of spin the bottle was just disgusting. Her getting drunk, rolling around on a ground, laughing hysterically, hangovers the day after... ugh.

One guy from the spin the bottle circle was sick with something and exchange of saliva led to half of the cast being sick. Cute right?

So, now he and she are sick, too. Which lasts for two freaking chapters. Slipping in and out of conciseness. There is a lot of "He can't be real... It's a dream.. He is not real... I'm dreaming... If he was real he wouldn't be here... I'm dreaming, it's just my imagination." Oh puhlease!
They both get well and start puking I love yous. I get the feeling that it suppose to look cute, but it wasn't. I love you, I love you back. Good morning, I love you, bye, I love you. Tell me one more time, I'm not sure I heard it right *gag*. Their I love yous was kind of like getting a new puppy, he's cute and cuddly and makes funny noises and you love him at first. And then, this cute furry thing craps in your favorite pair of shoes and he isn't cute anymore. First and second I love you was cute, but after 17th it sounded like cute puppy crapping in your shoe.
You get to the Losing It par, which is nothing special at all. Then there is the ridiculous prologue. Not only it wasn't necessary, it was cheesier that cheese.

- Hero. He wasn't horrible, but wasn't something special either. I don't get his "One month, love. We just need to wait one month.". He is a teacher and it's not right. Really?
Groping and making out is fine? What does one month gonna change? All kinds of no-no's and lines have been crossed long time ago. They did everything but had sex. So what putting thingy in a thingy going to change?

The whole story is just ridiculous.