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Private Practice - Samanthe Beck 3,5 - 4 sweet and sexy stars.

It was a nice and easy read. Nothing earth shattering happened in the story, but not all stories have to be angsty and emotionally exhausting to be enjoyable. Although those are my favorite kind :).

Ellie is a fun character. She is 28, is in a good place in her life. She is independent, owns medical practice and is a confidant woman. By others she is often described as nerdy, bookworm and overachiever. She is a type of woman who does no wrong and does everything by the book. You get the picture.

One day she overhears that the guy she is crushing on just became available. She overhears that the reason this guy broke up his engagement was because he was to kinky for his fiancé :-). At this point I thought uh oh, let the silliness begin. But it wasn't that bad.

Tyler has a badboy reputation, but as you read and get to know him, you learn that he's a sweetheart. One evening he stumbles into her house asking for her help. She is a doctor and he... has a bullet in his behind :-). Long story short, he made a move on a wrong girl in a bar.

They talk while she is fixing him up. Tyler wants to keep the whole thing hush hush, but Ellie, the good girl that she is, says that she needs to report bullet wound to the police. They make a deal. She promises him to keep it quiet if he helps her to learn trick or two in bed :). Let me just clarify that he isn't a total stranger. They have known each other all their lifes. They live in a small town where everybody knows everybody and rumor has it that Tyler is quite an expert in that specific area :).

As they start meeting and getting to know each other better you see that Tyler is smitten by her right away and doesn't care much about their deal, but Ellie is a whole another thing. She has a goal, to learn how to be a wild cat between the sheets in order to seduce another guy. She starts waving books in his face "According to this chapter or this article...".
As ridiculous as the whole idea was, she approached the whole thing in a very mature matter. She wasn't shy, but she wasn't too aggressive either.

There was quite a few steamy scenes in there :). The reason it wasn't a 5 star read for me is that Ellie started to bug me towards the end. At first it was fun that she wanted to do everything by the book, but after a while it got boring and a bit annoying. "According to chapter 3" or "In chapter 6 it says that...". I was glad that Tyler, too, thought it was annoying and wanted to burn her book, otherwise I wouldn't have liked him as much as I did.

Another issue I had was the fact that the story was way too predictable when it came to the whole Roger (Ellie's crush) situation.

It was a nice and fun story, but in my opinion, easy forgettable.