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The Angel (The Original Sinners) - Tiffany Reisz He is not Alpha male. He is Alpha and Omega male :)

Well, this book have to be the kinkiest-f***kery I have ever read. It had far more sexscenes than the previous book. I was kind of expecting it, because of the way The Siren ended. To be honest, I wasn't sure if I'm gonna like this book as much as the first. Very early in the story author went straight for the kill. There wasn't any beating around the bush, character got down and dirty right away and I thought if the rest of the book gonna be this way, I'm going to have to put this down. I'm glad I didn't.

Some of the scenes were extreme and it made me cringe, but there were some that were beautiful and romantic (as romantic as it can be, with a sadist in it :) weird, I know. Anywho...
What I liked and what kept me reading, was the fact that in between all that kinky stuff was unraveling a beautiful story, about love, loss, pain and forgiveness.

This time we got to meet few new characters, whom blended in to the story perfectly. I found it interesting that I knew the secrets that were uncovered in the first book, but these new characters didn't. It was fascinating to read about how they were trying to dig up the truth and the lengt they were willing to go to do so.

It wasn't as emotionally draining as the first book, but just as interesting and fascinating. I really like authors ability to play with readers mind. You uncover all the secrets and think that there is nothing else to discover, but at the end you find out there was so much more in between the lines and it makes you go "Oh!", and, it raises whole bunch of question again. Dear Lord, how many secrets do those people have?

I wasn't particularly happy about the ending though. I was hoping for a different outcome. But I should have seen it comming because there were few hints dropped along the line, which made me thing that it could end either this or that way. It ended in a way I wasn't happy with, but it made me wanna read the next book, so I guess it's a good thing :).

I still can't recover from the fact that Søren is in this line of work :). He have to be the most fascinating character I have ever read about. With all the secrets that have been uncovered, I have a feeling that I still don't know the half of who he is. It wouldn't surprise me, if at the end I would discover that he is both the god and the devil him self :). It looks like he knows what others gonna do before they do.

Here are some of my favorite lines:

"Flirting is for people who don't mean it Wes." Nora once said. "I seduce."
"Science is devided on existence of the g-spot. Some say it exist, others say it doesn't. Those who say it doesn't Michael, are f***ing idiots."
"He looked like a man who have seen so much blood, he had a grim reaper on his speed dial."
"Yes, you are a saint. St. Søren, the Bastard, Patron of Manipulation."
"Eleanor, if you have any mercy in that dark heart of yours, when you leave right now, you will walk and not run..."

I'm off, to read the next book and keep on sinning :-).