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Dark Passion (Dark Brother, #1) - Bec Botefuhr It was an interesting read. Not as good as I expected, but good enough for the mood I was in while I was reading :-).

The heroine gets kidnapped by a gang leader called Jagger, because he wants to use her as bargaining chip to get to her father.
The beginning is pretty intense, but it gets a little sappy pretty quick. He looks the part (intimidating, tattoos all over and piercings in all the right places :)), but acts not very gangster-like. He must be the sweetest and nicest gangster ever. His other gang members is a whole another story.

It's a quick read and the writing is pretty simple. I did like the story and already bought the second book, but a lot of times, sentences felt a bit choppy. Sometimes I complain that a lot of authors try to tell me how to feel instead of letting me feel for myself, but in this case, I had nothing to go by to get the picture of how she was feeling (besides drooling over Jagger). I got this feeling like I should know how she felt, because "Duh, she's being held captive, how do you think she feels."

The story was going ok, up until the end. The ending didn't made much sense. I still don't get it why author felt the need to introduce that particular person at the very end. I would have read the second book regardless. It just felt out of place.

Hope the next book is better.