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A Taste of You (The Epicurean, #1) - Sorcha Grace **ARC provided by Premier Digital Publishing via NetGalley in exchange for my honest review**

I'm not happy to be giving this book one star, but in my defense, a free copy was provided to me for my honest opinion, so that's what I'm giving.

The cover is the only think I like about this book.

There is only so many Ana-ish heroines I can handle, who stumbles, falls to their knees and when they look up, there he is. Then there are pages upon pages of descriptions of him, his eyes, his physique and of course his silver tie. 6 to 8 pages of drooling over a stranger before answering "uhm, I'm fine".

The heroine of this story is a over-analyzer on steroids. There are more question marks in this story than there are commas. Why did I do that? Why did he looked at me like that? Did I really want to know? What did he mean by that? Why me? What's wrong with me? It goes on and on and on. There were parts with 4 or 5 questions in a row. Not only it was exhausting it was annoying as hell.
Her being a photographer and loving her job is fine. I get it, she is passionate about what she does, but a lot of those descriptions of her work were way too long.

And then we have our billionaire. A man of many talents. Of course he know everything about her. Nowadays all billionaires stalk their women and do thorough background checks before approaching them. The first time they were at the park, he brought her gloves, because he knew she never wore them. How in the world does he know that?
The next "must do" is to barge in into her apartment when she's not at home and cook for her. Then there are extravagant gifts like dresses, underwear, diamond bracelets and sixty thousand dollar watches.

There was one scene that I found completely ridiculous. She has this state of the art kitchen. The first time he comes to her place we find out that she doesn't even know how to use her fancy AGA equipment. Even our billionaire rolls his eyes at that.

The book is called A Taste of You, so of course there is a lot of eating, tasting, licking, biting and chewing. A lot overused sentences like "I want to taste you. I'm going to taste you. You taste so good. I miss your taste. I want to taste you for the rest of my life." Meh.
At first it's somewhat erotic. But they never stop eating. And it gets boring pretty fast. There was one particular scene where it felt like he fed her two buckets of food. It was ridiculous. Taste this. Now close your eyes and taste this. How about this? I want you to try this. OMG!

The book was obviously written using FSoG formula. It looses couple of stars for lack of originality, minus one star for underdeveloped character and especially their backgrounds. If you choose to create characters with tortured pasts, it should be written to give readers better understanding about where they are coming from. I also took away one star for bad dialogs. Some of the things they said to one another made little to no sense. Minus one star for over described and repetitive descriptions of people and places. And the last star goes for a completely useless character she calls best friend. He is the king of bad advices. So there you have it.

If you are looking for a read with a hero who completely disregards heroines feelings, because he knows better what she needs than she does, this book is most defiantly for you.