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Hard to Love - Kendall Ryan It was like an episode of Days of Our Lives.

It started good. I liked Cade from the get go. I don't condone his choices, but at least he did it for the good reasons. Even though she, Lex, didn't like what he did for a living, she understood why he did what he did. I though it's going to be an interesting story, but it fell apart halfway through.

I would like to not to give too much away, for those who are considering reading this book, but there is so much I want to get off my chest, so... there might be some spoilers ;-).

Their first meeting was absolutely hilarious. I was curious to see how the story going to play out. When she first met him, she knew what he did and I got the impression that she was okay with it (kind of). Attraction between them was believable. I understood what he saw in her and I understood why she was curious. I would have been, too :). I thought she was crazy when she went to his house, but I tried not to overanalyze it.

And here where the thing got weird for me. She comes in, starts cleaning and cooking, like she owns the place. "I wanted to see Lily." she says, when he finds her in his house. Uhm... Ok? I thought it was a bit weird. She have talked to him once, in a bar, before that. And, she was totally waisted!

Lex finds a video on the internet. Watching it over and over again. Looks like she is still fine with it. Keeps coming back to him. Playing a house.

Then, she invites him to have a lunch with her parents. After knowing him only few days and knowing that her mother and father going to give him a hard time, because he is way out of her league. Why she did it, its beyond me. They treated him like shit and she knew that they would.

Then, they have sex. He says "I have to go to work." and she goes nuts! Stars complaining, demanding stuff and blaming everything that is wrong with a world on him. Where did that came from? She storms out mumbling "How could you. I thought that after we...". They don't see each other for few months. Both missing one another, blah blah blah... Lex meets him, by accident, at some coffee shop, sees him talking to another woman and passes out. Someone kill me please! He says that he wants to talk to her and she think "His news had to be even worse that I imagine, since he was being so kind to me. Maybe Sara was pregnant with twins (?), or they were engaged?" WTF??? Where did she got that idea from?

So, one thing leads to another, he ends up taking her home and they end up doing the thingy. After she says "And you won't even so much as look at the other woman when we are together." he says "Done".