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Undeniable - Madeline Sheehan Lifestyle of batshit crazy.

OMG! What? What, what and huh? What did I just read? I have never read a book with so meny crewed up characters. None of them had a single redeeming quality in them. None. Although I liked most of them, I though all of them were nuts.


I loved the beginning. It got me hooked right away. I thought that little Eva was absolutely adorable and hilarious as hell.

There were only 3 things that were happening in this story, repeatedly. Killing, fighting and getting some. Horsmen, Demons, sluts, bitches and old ladies were constantly going at each other. They were either killing each other, fighting or screwing a day light out of each other. I think there was a scene where all three things happened at once. What a cluster f***.

And, in a midle of all that there were kids running around. I'm pretty sure that the first words out of there mouths was not "mommy" og "daddy", but "Hey bitch, you feel me?"
"I love you, you little shit." My god, who says that to a kid?! :-D

There were only 3 types of women: bitches, sluts and old ladies and towards the end, even old ladies became bitches and sluts. All, and I mean ALL of them, suffered from batshit craziness.
All men cheated on their women's asses left and right, and had at least two mistresses. And it wasn't a big deal. They came home, said to their ladies (?) "I love you bitch, you feel me?" and everything was right with the world :-D.
Then, babies started popping out. All of their paternities were in question. Women went "Let's figure out who's the baby daddy." and men went "What's the last number on a baby mammas?"

And the cussing! Sweet baby Jesus. F***s and shits are still ringing in my head :-D
The ending was good, but very brutal. I loved the last sentence, very sweet and poetic.
This story is certainly not for everyone.
Although I loved the book, I though that the editing was a bit sloppy. Transitions between the chapters should have been smoother. Especially where there were few years jumps into the future, between the chapters. 1 year, 2, 5... Sometimes I lost count and wasn't sure how old the characters were anymore. Other than that, I enjoyed it a lot.