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Wallbanger - Alice Clayton The spank, meow and giggles.

I enjoyed this book a lot. Perfect combination of funny, sexy (no, steamy and smoking hot) and romantic. There was just right amount of everything, no unnecessary descriptions.

Here are some key things that I liked:

Descriptions - wasn't over done. When author described her, you got an image of a real (realistic) person. You could see that she was a beautiful and confidant woman, not because author said so, but because of the way He looked at her, the way He touched her and the way he spoke to her.

Chemistry - was very believable. Their first meeting was hilarious. I like the fact that when they saw each other for the first time, nobodies jaws were dropping and nobody was drooling over anybody (maybe just a little) :).

Supporting characters - added just right amount of drama to the story, including the cat (a.k.a psyko pussy :)).

Overall, it was a delight to read and I enjoyed it very much.

Here are some of my favorite lines:

"Would he notice if I licked his shoulder? Just the tiniest taste?"
"Wow, BFFs? Who's been teaching you the lingo, daddy-o?"
"I pushed my sunglasses on as I walked out the door of the building, barely noticing the Range Rover. And by barely, I mean I barely noticed that Rover rhymed with over, as in bend me over the chair in my family room and -... Caroline! I might have a problem here."
And the last, but my favorite "That's it! Giggle this, bitch..." Wich I'll be stealing and using if opportunity presents its self :).