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To Seek a Master - Monica Belle **ARC provided by Random House UK, Ebury Publishing via NetGalley in exchange for my honest review**

Very interesting read. 3,5-4 stars.

The story wasn't as intense as they usually are when it comes to D/s relationship. It starts slow (a bit too low for my taste, but I'll get to that:)).
It starts with a book, that heroine is reading on a way to and from work, which gets her into the whole "mess" :-). She gets intrigued by some of the scenes in it. First it comes shock, then curiosity and the, "Hmm... I would like what she's having." :-).
One day, she comes to work and finds an email from someone called Controller telling her to wear stockings to work next time. She goes all "WTF?". And that is when the whole fun starts. She's not about to obey some random perv. She starts thinking who might he be. Maybe it's her boss? He kind of fits the bill. Maybe it's one of the guys from work. She decides to wear stockings to work, to flush the weirdo out. No luck. It's fun to read about how paranoid she gets, because she doesn't have any idea who mysterious man is. Then she receives more emails with different demands and almost gives her self a stroke trying to figure out who he is :-D. She finds the whole thing both scary and exiting as hell :-).

Then, we finally get to meet the Controller. He is all cool, calm and collective. It's not his first rodeo and he knows what she wants/needs.

I get that it is an erotic novel, but sex scenes weren't the only thing that I found interesting. I found their conversations fascinating. Sometimes I thought that he might be pulling some of his theories out of his a$$, but they sounded very convincing :).

The ending was both a little funny and shocking. It left me thinking "Oh, come on. That's when the good stuff starts.".

My reason for giving it 3,5-4 stars is the first 40% of the book. It felt like it dragged for ever and ever and ever. I get it, the story she was reading sparked her curiosity. What bored me a bit was way too many references to the book she was reading. Not only there were too many direct quotes from the book, they were followed by her fantasies. "This and that have been done to the heroine, but I would have liked if this and that have been done to her/me.". Also, there was very little dialogue in the first half of the story. The story picked up the pace only after she met the Controller.

I think that if you manage to get through the first half of the book, you'll enjoy the rest quite a bit :-).