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Kaleb (Alluring Indulgence, #1) - Nicole Edwards My one star is only for the cover, which is king of cool.

Could not finish this book, gave up at 70%.


- Cover.


- Hero. Alpha male wanna-be. Irrational. His actions did not made sense. One minute his is sweet and lovy-dovy and the next goes bat-shit-crazy on her ass without much of an explanation.


- Heroine. If it walks like a whore and quacks like a whore, it is a whore! I didn't buy her good girl image.
She is in love with him, but fantasizes about his brother too. I still don't understand how that threesome happened. I reread the scene few times and it still made no sense. All I got from it it was: Oh, I'm stumbling over my feet, I'm falling. How did those two penises got into my mouth? Hmm... whip cream... chocolate sous...
When he asked her if he needed to use protection she said no! WTF? The whole town knows about his and his brothers sexcapades and she says "I'm on a pill. It's ok." How about STD, you stupid?!!! If you dumb enough to do it anyway, ask him to put not one but two condoms on and a medical glove just in case.

- Romance. Not believeble. I mean, all of their right parts were tingling, but them having serious feeling for each other... I didn't buy it.

- Writing. Not only the sex scenes were lame and over-described (apparently there is such thing as too much sex in erotica) but there wasn't much of a story in-between. Author was way to focused on technicalities. It wasn't enough to pull the pants down, he needed to step out of them, if not he would stumble and would fall forward. She had her body bend in a awkward angle, so If he lost his balance and bumped into her she would stumble forward and would fall on her head. What-the-f@ck-ever! Maybe that would have been for the best :). A lot of descriptions did not made any sense and were completely unnecessary.

There wasn't anything even a little bit interesting in the story. Moving on.