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Addicted - Charlotte Stein 4.5 stars


The story is about a woman, Kit, who have lost (or maybe have never had) her "O". Her friend suggests to try a croup therapy called Sexual Healing. People go there to talk about their problems related to intimacy, emotional, physical or both.

Kit works at the bookstore and is a writer in her spare time, who writes erotica novels. But she feels like they are missing something important.
She didn't go there to learn how to get laid. She went there because she wants to figure some stuff out about her self, understand why she feels the way she does. Why her relationship with men always missing something. But when she gets there and hears the stories of others, she feels like her problem is small and silly, in caparison to theirs. That's why she makes up this story about her being wild child, strolling from bar to bar looking for some sexy time :-D.

When she gets to the Sexual Healing, she meets Dillon.
No, he wasn't sitting there naked, but when she saw him, that's pretty much how she imagined him. Sitting there, listening to others, smirking mischievously at her. And she was, like, "I want some of what he is having.".

He was very mean sun of a gun. When it came his turn to share, he start telling the stories of his sexual adventures with soft laughs and smirk on his face. She thinks he's bragging. It really felt like he was. I mean come on, the room is full of serial masturbators and sex addicts, who sits there squirming in their chairs, going crazy, while he's telling his "problem".

"Yeah, so I'm Dillon. Dillon Holt' He says, like he's introducing himself at a barbecue. There is not a hint of discomfort in his voice, when he says 'I'd say I've slept with quite substantial number of women - maybe hundred?"
I think I can see him counting, in his head.
'Maybe more like two hundred, huh?"
I'll hide this one, just in case some minor stumbles upon my review, because it's sooo NOT for the readers under 18 :)
"I'll say it right now - I love eating pussy. I could eat pussy all day everyday until the end of time, just to get a girl all flushed the way she gets, and hear those little soft, desperate moans or maybe even the loud, aggressive ones... I don't mind. Pull my hair, call me names, sit on my face, I'll take it and come back for more, I swear I... But obviously I realize the detrimental effect this unhealthy pussy-eating has on my psyche." :-D. I mean, come on! That is evil at his best.

At the end of the session they have to find a partner to give a hug. Of course he targets her :). While they stand there hugging, he calls her out on it and whispers "faker" into her ear :-). She goes all stiff. She lies and tells him that she is there because she is doing research for her book. He offers to help. Who can be better to help her with her book than a guy who have slept with half of the city?

And boy is he a good story teller :-D. Simple fan won't do, to cool a reader off. You will need something stronger... Something like that, yes :-).

So, they inbark on a journey of self discovery. She is there to learn and he is more than willing to be the teacher. At first, it's all fun and games, mind-blowing, star-seeing and oh-so-good.
But then, when feelings get involved, the "mind-blowing" thing they have going on, it's not enough anymore. He has a secret, that he is afraid to tell, because he thinks she will run for the hills. It's not an earth shattering secret, but I understand why he is so hesitant to share it. Society can be a mean bitch. If you look certain way, you are expected to act/be certain way, because being yourself has consequences.

"I'm quite aware of what I am, Kit I know how people look at me. I'm the guy you see in some bar, being loud and obnoxious. I'm the jock at your college, throwing a basketball onto your desk as you're trying to study. I know I am."

It's sad when someone can be themselves because of the expectations of others.

I didn't expected for the story to get emotional, but it did. And I'm happy that it ended on a more serious note than it started.
The reason I'm giving 4.5 stars is because the heroine was getting on my nerves sometimes. I love heroine that has a great sense of humor, which she does. But in this case, even though she was funny a lot of the times, sometimes I wished she would tone it down on the sarcasm and knock it off with the jokes. Other than that, I enjoyed the story.

Fun, sexy/steamy/hot and even a little emotional read.