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Wicked Cravings  (The Phoenix Pack, #2) - Suzanne  Wright Déjà freaking vu.

SGAF after 45%.
Why? One of the main reasons is because it was way to similar to the first book.

- heroine has similar wolf problems to Taryn's. One couldn't get hers out, the other couldn't keep it in. Both in the first book and it this one, was said that such problems are rare and unheard of. It's not really rare if it happens over and over again, is it? Don't forget Trey also had his wolf too close to the surface.

- in both books is stated that when one meets his/hers true mate, they know it right away. They can feel it, they can sense it and they can smell it on each other. And yet, it took them gazillion f@cks to discover that they were true mates (?).

- at the beggining of their relationship she said that she understood that his job was important and that it took a lot of his time, and that she will never nag him for it. Well, guess what? Towards the end, she was bitching about it like nobody's business.

- Dante warned her upfront that his job is very demanding and that he rarely has time for anything else (meaning - he might have little time for her). But he was keep showing up at her job, having dinners with her and chasing her out of clubs (?). The only time he didn't answer when she called, because he was busy, she nagged the hell out of him afterwards.

- interactions with Gretta wasn't funny anymore. I think I overdosed on her in the first book. They were also very Taryn-and-Gretta-like.

- i get it, they are wolf-shapeshifters, but constant "Dante's wolf disagreed with him, his altar ego agreed with his wolf." or "Her body's response was 'oh yes' Her wolf's response was 'meh' Her mind... It felt all wrong to her mind." was too much and beyond annoying.

- the main reason that ruined the whole book for me was the cheesy and trailer-park-like humor, or as another reviewer called it, toilet humor.

"Want to see what I've got?" he asked.
"That depends, does it itch and is it contagious?"
"You always thought with your dick."
"Is that right?"
"Yes, it is."
"In that case, do you want to blow my mind?"
"You know, I watched an old episode of Friends yesterday. It was so damn funny it could have made your boobs fall off... Oh, you saw it."
"If you don't stop bothering me, I'm going to fart and watch with glee as you pass out from the smell."


But here is the reason why I gave two instead of one star. I thought Dante was a decent character, I kind of liked him. I also liked the scenes with Trey and Taryn, especially after baby arrived *sweetness overdose*. Unfortunately there were too few of them. I get it, this book isn't about them so...

I didn't like and didn't enjoy this book, at all. It did had few decent moments, but I drew the line after c@cks started roaring to life.