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The Story of  X - A.J. Molloy Could someone please explain to me what this book is about?

Here is what I got from it:

The heroine, X, is the stupidest thing I have ever had "pleasure" of reading about.
I'm not going to waste my time describing her. Here are some of her lines:
* * *
"Um..." I am flustered, stammering like a fool. Glansing at both my mom and Marcus. "Um.. Ah.. Uh..."

"Mom, this is... Marc. He's a... He's a..." Spit it out. "He's a friend, um... a friend I made here... I mean."

"Marc, I... God... I... I want... I just, I'm sorry... I... I wonder... What are you doing?"

"But Marc, but Marc... I can't... I..."

"Where? I... I... I don't... Oh, yes..." I see. Yes, I see."
* * *

Marcus: Creepy, perverse, billionaire/Mafioso, weird ass lord of the underground sex cult.
He tells her she can't be with him unless she is initiated in to the "brotherhood" or what ever the hell that was. The whole thing got scarier by the page.

The writing: horrendous. If you haven't got that from heroine's lines, here is some more:

"We got back in his car and drove to his palazzo and then we parked by the rear door, in the dark, and we got out - and suddenly he picked me up and turned me around and threw me over the hood of the car and lifted up my dress and yanked down ...(blah blah blah happening) me from behind, over his beautiful Mercedes sports." - And all that happened in one f-ing sentence, and a lousy one at that!!!!

* * *
"You know, if I was vulgar, I could call you a stubborn cow."
I looked at him.
"Tua vacca, Celenza."
Your cow, Excellency."
(Ain't that just the sexiest thing you've ever heard? Not really! Vacca is still a vacca, honey!)
That is all I can say about this book.
I did not finish this book and don't even feel bad about it. Life is too short, moving on to bigger and better things.