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The Acquisition - Louisa Trent I would have never read this book if it wasn't recommended to me. Honestly, the cover doesn't do the story justice. It looks provocative and porn-ish and the story is not it. I wonder if the cover is the reason that the book haven't gotten the attention that it deserves, because it's brilliantly written. If it was up to me, I would have chosen something darker and less revealing, but it's not, so... :).

This story is about love and sacrifice. It's about the length that one is willing to go to for the person she/he loves. It's another example that the hurtfull words said by the person you care about the most, hurts that much more.

I absolutely loved Harry. It was painfull to read some of the parts that were written from her point of view. If the story have been sett in a 21th century, I would have been cussing her for being naive and stupid and making all kinds of wrong decisions. But for her, love was truly blind. With that said, I was glad that she haven't lost herself in the process.

I liked Kane in the beginning, but hated him in from the middle and whole way through til the end. Just because of the hell he put her through. My feelings towards him changed when he ran, like the cowerd that he was, feeling sorry for him self. In a moment of panic she said some things she didn't mean and he just ran off. I hated him for making snap judgements about her, for basing his opinion about her on a gossip he heard in the alley or while doing one of his whores.

I wasn't happy about the ending. I was hoping for their story to end a little differently. I though that Harry deserved better than she got :).

It was an interesting and captivating story. Well deserved 5 stars!