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Down London Road - Samantha Young I'm in shock. I can't believe I'm giving two stars to a book written by the same author who wrote On Dublin Street, which was one of my favorites of 2012. I still can't quite rap my head around it.

This book was nothing like On Dublin Street. I don't mean that I expected for stories to be similar or anything, I expected to be left with the same feelings I had after I read ODS: happiness, good kind of frustration, maybe a little of sadness or heartache. After finishing this one I was left with only irritation, disbelieve and disappointment. And that are not feelings I'm looking for to be left with after reading a book.

So here are the issues that I had:

- Jo. What is she about? I kind of get it what author was trying to create. Big sister trying to look after her brother and her alcoholic mother, who is absolute nightmare to have. She is struggling to provide for them working two jobs, stressing out of her mind. She dates only rich men, as an investment into her family's future (?). Her friends describes her as the strongest person they know. With a family situation like that, you have to be though as a nail. I get the idea.

* * * WARNING SPOILERS!!! * * *

Here is my problems with her character. Getting herself off while having sex with her boyfriend and thinking about Cam. Not all right! I get it. Author was trying to show her attraction to him. But do you have to push it that far? Not only I didn't find that hot or what ever, I actually thought it was kind of repulsing. Her certain parts were constantly tingling, panties vibrating in excitement (What?). I get it, Jo, you think he's hot, but pull yourself together and calm down will ya?

I didn't get why was she dating rich men. She didn't came across as a gold digger. She never asked for anything from them. Yes, she never said no to their gifts, but never asked for anything either. She never cared about any of them, there was no love. She admitted that she wasn't herself around them and they never knew the real her. Even her friends said that her constantly fake giggling around Malcolm, was most annoying thing ever. So why waist time then?

Then, there was the morning after, after she and he finally got together and did the thingy. She jumps out of bed and says "OMG we have to tell everybody that we are together." Are you freaking kidding me? You've known him for couple of weeks!!!! She knows half of rats a$$ about who he is, she doesn't know if relationship will ever work, but starts stressing out about telling people right away. All other guys, who she was dating for substantial amount of time, never got to see either her brother or her mother. And she was actually planning on marrying them if they would have asked. That just doesn't make any sense.

Then there was a scene where she quit her job and ran home to blame it on Cam, but ended up blaming on PMS. Completely unnecessary drama.

She was jealous of his ex-gilfriend, that he was with TEN YEARS AGO AND WHO SHE NEVER MET, only because he USED to be in love with her, and he haven't said I love you to her, yet! Oh Lord!

- Cam. I kind of liked him at first. His background story was alright. I thought he was being sweet when he offered a key to Cole, and meaning behind his tattoo was interesting. But one character doesn't make a story, plus, later he screwed up big time. Jo was calling him possessive caveman. I have read quite a few books with possessive men, and Cam is not even a little bit it.

- Story line. A complete mess. First half of the book dragged for ever, and after they got together hundred things started happening at once. She stressed so much to meet his parents, but when she finally did, all we got was "It was lovely, nice people, accepted her and Cole, his father loved her." We only got few lines of dialog the day after, something about freaking pancakes.

Then, Cam digs up her long lost uncle and his daughter. Ok, let the drama begin, I thought. No, they met, talked, apologized, met Cole. That reunion didn't feel like big deal at all. It should have. Then uncle Mick went to meet her mother. Again I thought, uh-oh, put your safety helmets on, people. I imagined her crawling out of her room cussing everybody or maybe even throwing things. What do you know, she came out all decent (?) looking, showered, hair blow-dried, exchanged few sentences and went back to her room. I thought maybe that will be a turning point for her. Nope. She went to her old ways, drinking herself into oblivion and being angry, after Mick left. What's the point of all of it then????

Later, after having a little steamy somethin' with Jo in changing room, they bumped into Blair, his ex from ages ago. Of course Jo went blue with jealousy. Cam, the great guy that he is, asks for her phone number so they can catch up sometimes. OMG! Jo had some kind of telepathic conversation with Blair.

"I resent you, she said. I think I hate you, I replied. He was mine first, she answered. He is mine now, I growled."

Now Jo is walking around all pissy. She comes to his place to talk about it, but ends up having gazillion orgasms. Ge goes on about that meeting Blair was just what he needed, about having a party next week and inviting Blair to catch up (??????!!!!!!). Afters fog wears off she wants to talk again, she thinks "Tell him! Ask him!". But when Cam asks "You ok?" she says "I'm fine. Just tired.".*GROWL*
But wait, she thinks it's not okay for him to keep in touch with his ex, but it is fine for her to keep texting Malcolm! I mean came on!!!

I was determend to finish the book, but that last part seriously got on my nerve, I decided to DNF before I gave myself a stroke. 79% was more than enough, returning for refund. I wonder if in those last 21% was an explanation for the book title... I will never know.

I did not like the story, at all. Confusing story line with no structure or clear direction to where story was heading, and all over the place characters.