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A Good Student - Elliot Mabeuse I really don't know what to say. This one was one of those books that grossed the hell out of me. It felt more like author was trying to voice his own perverse fantasies rather than trying to tell a story to a reader. I think this story should have stayed in his head.

I find teacher-student relationships intriguing, but this one was just weird. There was no worries about breaking the rules, about it being wrong or unethical, or the consequences of it. No, just "Lock the door behind you, let's do this." kind of thing.

He is a collage professor and a writer. He himself admits that his novels are rubbish and his stories, the ones he publishes on a web, are pornish.
There was no buildup and no seduction (although our collage professor would argue otherwise). Already few pages in, he was pushing her against the wall, showing her panties down her throat and saying "I knew that that is what she needed/wanted." WTF?

Heroine is 25 but acts like a doormat. A lot of oh oh oh an oh god oh god.

What pi$$ed me off the most was the way this collage professor talked to her. I'm all for dirty-talk, but there is a fine line between dirty-talk and degrading talk, and this author obviously doesn't know the difference. It's not necessary about what have been said, but the way it was said. It was confusing, because it's not D/s relationship, it suppose to be erotic romance.
It's kind of hard to explain, the woman did like it, but I as a reader wasn't buying it. I got this feeling that author was trying way to hard to convince me that she did. There was a lot (A LOT) of this: She was loving it and I was the one who could give it her. It was said both in monologues and dialogues. Self-centered egotistical douchebag much? The words bitch and whore was used and abused numerous times. "I love you, you bitch/whore." does not sound sexy or erotic to me no matter the context.

It's not an erotic novel, it's a manuscript for a very lousy porno movie! Yuck :-S.
It was my first and last book by this author.