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Take Me Back - Kelli Maine **ARC by Grand Central Publishing via NetGalley in exchange for my honest opinion**

I appreciate the free copy, but I just couldn't finish. DNF at 70%.
The people who love these series might love this one too, in which case, don't mind my review :).
The two main characters were okay, but the narrative in which the story was written, confused the hell out of me. Especially when there is supernatural things going on.
Sentences like:

Do I need to stand here and be reminded that she's been with you?

While that "you" is not even in the room! It's just too confusing.
I always thought that 2nd narrative should be used only to write some short notes of love declarations or to write letters, not novels or novellas. When there is dialog, there is a lot of "you" and I don't know if "you" is the first person talking about the second, or a second saying something to the first :-S.
If someone would hold me at gunpoint and ask me what this story was about, I wouldn't be able to tel to save my life.

Beautiful cover though :).