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Rapture's Edge (Night Prowler, #3) - J.T. Geissinger ***ARC provided by Montlake Romance via NetGalley in exchange for my honest review***

4 solid stars.

I was a bid iffy when I found out that Eliana will be the heroine in Rapture's Edge, because I wasn't able to connect with her in Edge of Oblivion. I didn't think she was interesting enough and I thought she was just ok character. The reason I wanted to read this book was because I know how brilliant J.T Geissinger. I enjoy her writing style tremendously.

- She turned out to be better character than I expected to. I will admit, I didn't have very high expectations for her :). I understood where she was coming from. She wanted avenge her fathers death. It doesn't matter that he was a pure evil, he was her father, plus, she didn't know the truth about his plans, so I wasn't mad at her. At least not as first :). In the first half of the story she was kicking a$$ like nobodies business, and I liked that about her.
But after a while it got exhausting. I got where her anger was coming from, but it started to feel a bit repetitive. Same old "He looks nice and treats me right, but I'm sure he wants to kill me. How do I know he won't murder me in my sleep." Come on!
I also didn't like Eliana constantly accusing D of this or that. Not only he saved her life numerous times, he saved life of her friend too, and that should have spoken volumes, but no, she was still going al "How do I know he doesn't have some hidden agenda." Give a guy a break! Only towards the end (some time after 83%) did she start seeing D as a friend and not an enemy. It should have happened sooner.

- I absolutely LOVED D :-D. He was awesome. Badass warrior who believes in love :-).
I like when a alpha male hero is not afraid to admit how he feels about a woman. It's refreshing. And he also drives a Ducati :). When ever there is trouble, 5 minutes and his there, looking all sexy :-).
He had his possessive/overprotective moments, but deep down, he was a good boy. I felt really bad for him every time Eliana pushed him away. After a while I was starting to wonder what he saw in her. How much of that nonsense a man can take? But at the same time, I liked that he didn't give up.

I also liked Gregor. A lot. To me he was a man of mystery. I'm still a little confused about what his role was in this story, but I still liked him. I don't think he was Eliana's friend, even though he saved her behind couple of times, he also had a major crush on her. And the story ended without giving any explanation about where those two stood. Hopefully we will find out more about it in the next book. I really hope he gets his own book, preferably with Mel as a heroine :-).

All and all, it was a very enjoyable read and I can't wait to read the next book in the series.