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Gone Girl - Gillian Flynn Reading this book felt like walking in a minefield.

My God, so many twists. Just when you feel you are about to get some answers, author drops another bomb. It kept me on the edge of my seat. I have to say it was very cleverly written. You think you know what is going on, but you have no idea.

Usually, when I read these types of books, I start to look for the clues from the get go. The book had smart book description, which made everyone look suspicious from the first page.

I liked Nick right away. Even though I didn't know what his role in all of this was yet, there was something about him that made it hard for me to hate him. Maybe because of his relationship with his sister, or because of what Amy wrote about him, I just liked him. As you read further, you see him tripping over his own words, struggling to come up with a decent explanation, I thought "Pleas don't turn out to be a Hannibal Lecter, I already like you too much.". When he said "I'm going to tell you something and you won't like me very much, if you liked me to begin with.", I thought uh-oh, here we go and then had to put the book down to think about how much would I let him to get away with :). One moment I thought he was a poor guy that found himself in a very crapy situation and the next, I thought he was full of sh**. I wanted to shove him hard agains the wall and scream "What did you do?! What the hell did you do?!". Some parts were told from his point of view, where he was telling his side of the story. I have to say that they were brilliantly written, because he was talking directly to the readers. Even though he is not telling much, you feel a little special and think that he might let you in on a little secret. I got this feeling that he was withholding the information, which made me very frustrated, it made it hard to figure him out. I loved it :).

Amy was interesting character. When she first met Nick I thought they were a cute couple. She had this sweet, sexy and quirky personality, and they clicked right away. The only disturbing thing was that her parts of the story were told not by her directly, but by her diary, that was found after she went missing. That gave me the feeling that something, somewhere along the way, went horribly wrong. But she doesn't write a single bad word about him. So what went wrong? What happened to her?

It was so confusing, I didn't know who to believe. Then, you reach the middle of the story and it takes a total 180 degree turn. Right after I passed 50% a chapter starts with a words that catapults me out of my seat. It comes out of the blue and I feel dumbfounded. What?! And then the real "fun" starts :).

I was loving the book up until I reached about 90%. At that point I was hoping for the author to start wrapping things up, but she was still walking me trough the minefield. She wasn't done with trowing of the surprises at me. Then, she trows one at the very end, the size of the Godzilla, with only few pages left. What in a hell was that? I can imagine author sitting, writing that very last chapter, laughing with that evil laugh, thinking "Try to crack this, Da Vinci! Muahaha!". I thought it was sloppy and not very well though trough. The ending was disappointing. For that alone I'm giving this book only 4 stars. It's sad really, because other than that, the story was truly well written. I'm sure author could have done it better than that.