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The Mistress Files - Tiffany Reisz What can I say? I freaking loved it. 5 stars sounds like an insult for such an amazing read, but that is all I can give.
I liked Nora in previous books, but now I LOVE her. She is the coolest dominatrix ever!!!! :-D.

It was a short read so it will be a short review.

Kingsley asked her to write it down some of her most memorable/favorite cases with clients. She says she is doing it because he is paying her, it will go into his "Private" file collection. God knows why he wants it. I think he just wants to have something to occupy himself with something to read during his spare time. Kinky f@cker :-D.

Nora writes down her 5 most memorable cases. And OMG they are FUN!!!! Her clients comes up with the weirdest request ever. They are a kinky and perverse bunch :-D.


Every case had a jaw dropping moment. We got to hear a little about Kingsley and Søren. Too little if you ask me :-). There even was a little surprise in one of the cases. I was, like "Wait! I know this person." :-D.

Nora is freaking brilliant at what she does. She knows exactly what her clients want. She says she does it for the money, but come on now, Nora, you know that's not the only reason ;-).
She is absolutely merciless and doesn't tolerate BS. Thats what I like the most about her. My type of woman :-D.


Wonderful read, but way too short, I wanted more, more, more... 30th of July sounds like for ever away. I can't wait for The Mistress.
Tiffany Reisz, you rock!!!