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Eighty Days Yellow - Vina Jackson (Review finished August 3, 2012)

I don't even know where to begin. I have to say that cover caught my eye. Black and white picture, woman looked mysterious. It didn't bother me that book didn't had any reviews, it was brand new. There have been a whole bunch of new and amazing writers this year, so I desidet to give it a chance.

As I started reading I found story mysterious. I thought it was interesting that she was so consumed by her music that at times it felt like she wasn't even there. Like she was having out of body experience. She is in a unfolfilling relationship, where she feels like she can't be herself. Even though she is talking about wanting more out of it, she says that his appartament is one of the reasons she is with him. His sterio system is another reason. She likes lieng on the floor and listen to music turned to the max (???).
And then there is the guy. She caught his eye, or his ear in this case, when she was playing her violin one day on the street. He got intrigued and decided to pursue her. But she never returned to that spot again.
And it was ok up until the point where he found an article in a newspaper. That's where things went south in my opinion. First of all, why the story about a girl who's violen got broken even be in a news papers, with her full name?

And then there were one bizarre episode after another. According to my kindle it started some time after I passed 13%. As strange as his proposal sounded, I couldn't blame it on a dude, he came across as a kinky bastard. But the thing that trew me off was how easily she accepted it. And then, she was questioning her self all the way through the book "why am I doing this". I felt like author failed to explain her behavior.
Then there were whole bunch of other characters, like her and his friends, who didn't helped the story one bit. Doing things, that I'm not gonna go in to the details explaining, for the sake of doing. It just grossed me out.

I felt like there were no story line. There was the beginning and that's it. After that all I got was one weird scene after another, with no relevance to the story. Or maybe it was the whole point. I don't know. And the half way through the book I was so grossed out and confused that I didn't care much. I was trying to find the main point in the story, but I never did. I don't even think that story had one.

The girl have been screwed by one guy, then by her friend and the friend of her friend, AND by the friend of the first guy, who introduced her to the whole bunch of other weirdos. All that time, while she was being past from one to another, she was wondering "Do I like it? Maybe not. I think I do. No I don't.". And then, at the very end, she decides to go back to the first guy, who started the whole thing in a first place. Who, by the way, was screwing her friend. I realize that my review makes little sense, but that's how I felt when I was reading this book. It just didn't make any sense.

Yes, this is erotica, but I still believe that there has to be some kind of story. And the fact that is written by two authors kind of makes it even worse. Two people thought it was alright to publish such a blah book. Write a book that makes readers to fall in love with YOUR work, make YOUR OWN fan base. I think that tag "if u liked fifty shades u will love..." is just a poor attempt in trying to attract the fans of fifty shades.
Word erotica comes from one of the Greek words for love "Eros", which by definition means passionate love with sensual desire and longing. I found none of those things in this book. More than anything it left me totally grossed out.